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Corporate Office Headquarters

3250 Van Ness Ave. San Francisco CA 94109



Customer service number

888 922 4119

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West Elm complaint resolution statistics

  • 129 complaints filed

  • Resolution rating 4.1 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 70%

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West Elm Latest Complaints

Large $30k delivery comedy of errors

March 23, 2023, 2:55 p.m. by Scott

I placed a massive order online for West Elm, totaling close to $30,000 in mid-Feb. I ONLY ordered items that were 'in stock / ready to ship'. They channeled me to their 'concierge' service to arrange delivery, stating that they would hold all items and deliver at the time of my choosing. I then called concierge to arrange delivery on March 24, and this was confirmed by concierge. I constantly got emails asking me to 'schedule your order', and when I called inquiring about these, I was told by the agent to ignore them. On March 17, I went online to check my account and it showed most of the order as 'on hold' due to one item being backordered. I then called concierge on March 20 and discussed with the agent. I instructed him to cancel the backordered item, so all remaining items would be delivered on March 24. He confirmed this transaction and the delivery timing. I then received an email on March 23 showing only 3 items were scheduled for delivery on March 24. I called concierge AGAIN to clarify, and they stated that 'the previous agent's email to the delivery hub wasn't received or confirmed, so the delivery would not take place on March 24.' I asked to speak to a manager, and they wouldn't get on the phone with me, nor would they tell me WHEN I would get the furniture. Bear in mind, I and my 5 year old daughter now had no bed to sleep on as of March 24 because of West Elm's bungling of this entire order. I wasn't offered any compensation or further resolution on the matter.

Didn't get my bed from West Elm

March 20, 2023, 11:55 a.m. by Preethi

I paid $2k in October 2022 for a bed that showed IN STOCK and they said delivery would be in December, so I got rid of my current bed. No bed showed up, delivery date kept getting pushed to Jan, Feb, March and now April. I have called SEVERAL times to West Elm, been on hold for 1-2 hours with reps saying they are trying to a supervisor to talk to me. In March they said the bed was here and it will be delivered. The delivery team sent me an email and we scheduled a delivery date for March 10th. The loading dock at the SF apartment was reserved etc, we were all waiting at home for the bed during the delivery time frame. No bed was delivered. I got an email from West Elm saying the bed delivery is on its way. Then I got another email few hours later saying thank you your bed has been delivered. There was never any bed. THIS IS RIDICULOUS. I called again to West Elm, after 2 hours of being on hold I got a lead called Pishora Singh who said she will try to look into what happened, but that she can't give me her direct line or last name, so she sends me an email (that has her last name so I don't know what the point was), saying she is looking into it and will give me 20% off and will try to escalate delivery. I have not heard from her again. I get an email this week saying delivery is possible for April. I have been without a bed since November 2022, nursing a disc herniation on my L4/L5 (I have PT and MRI records to prove this) and I don't have a bed, can you believe this? I have spent close to $1000 on physical therapy over the last few months as my back pain increased since I don't have a bed. I could have ordered from ANY other credible company and I thought West Elm/William Sonoma was credible. I was SO WRONG. Why did the bed show IN STOCK if it was not going to be delivered in December as they promised? And how come there was zero communication in December that this could be delayed indefinitely? I could have gotten a refund and ordered a bed from a more reputed company right? This company needs to be held accountable, they shouldn't be allowed to get away with such behaviour with just a slap on the wrist. Not only do I want the bed asap, I should be refunded at least 70% if not more for the incredible inconvenience and rudeness of their reps/Pishora Singh a so called lead who never offered any resolution.

West Elm complaint resolution statistics

  • 129 complaints filed

  • Resolution rating 4.1 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 70%

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