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40+ hours with customer service and dining chairs still missing

Sept. 20, 2022, 12:42 p.m. by Sara

On July 4, I was excited to see that the 4 dining chairs I had been admiring at West Elm were "in stock and ready to ship." Little did I know that nearly 3 months would go by with dozens of phone calls, 5 cancelled delivery appointments, and 40+ hours on hold with customer service - and still no sign of the chairs. The same convoluted process has repeated itself each time: I receive an email that the chairs are ready for delivery scheduling. I immediately call to schedule an appointment at the earliest date (typically at least 2-3 weeks away). I take off work to be available at home for the appointment. The two-hour delivery window passes. I belatedly receive a notification that my delivery was cancelled. I call customer service and wait on hold. Wait some more. I finally speak to an agent who says one or more of the following: "the chairs actually haven't yet been received by the delivery hub, this never should have been scheduled" / "there was a mix-up with your delivery address" / "the hub couldn't find 2 of the chairs when they loaded the truck this morning" / "the chairs have been separated and 1 is now missing" / "we have no idea what is going on." Along the way, my order has been "escalated" in customer service, to no avail, and I have gone to the local West Elm store in person, where I was rudely dismissed by a store associate who said my only option was to call customer service (and to add insult to injury, the same chairs I purchased were at the store - for "display" only). It has been an absolute nightmare - and did I mention that West Elm already charged me $1000+ back in July? The only acceptable recourse is immediate delivery of the chairs AND a full refund for the incredible amount of time I have wasted dealing with West Elm's insufferable and frankly, criminal, business practices.

Trying to stay (a)headboard of the West Elm runaround

Aug. 30, 2022, 5:02 p.m. by Paul

Ordered bed frame (12/1) and headboard (12/6) that were supposed to be compatible per employees and website. I had white glove delivery for the headboard but it was instead dropped off in my lobby with no notification. The bed frame was delivered separately with no notification. After assembly, they were not compatible. After speaking to customer service, it was decided that they would send a replacement headboard and bedframe since they didn’t know which was the issue. And since white glove wasn’t done on the original headboard, they said to keep the bed in the boxes and wait for delivery of headboard and both will be assembled for my troubles. The bedframe came almost immediately (way back in January) and the replacement headboard in March. But each month, the delivery schedule dates would expire and a new time window would appear with no heads up from West Elm. Due to knowledge of shipping issues, I didn’t push the issue too much over the first 3 months. It was later June when I started to call and ask about the headboard more specifically. The headboard was the focal point of my design, and I had spent thousands at West Elm since the bed purchase. Late June, I started to get different information each time I called. Examples: The headboard is in route. The headboard has been discontinued. It ready for delivery. It has been lost. We cannot assemble the bed and headboard like you were previously told because the bed was not white glove. At one point in July when being told they could no longer fulfill their promise of bed frame assembly, the man offered me a refund of the entire bed frame which could go to finding someone to assemble the bed. I appreciated the offer (though it felt sketch) and said I would rather deal with a refund once the headboard arrived. Next person I spoke to said they would be able to get the bed assembled with the delivery of the headboard. Between 6/25 and 8/22 when the headboard was delivered, I had 19 phone calls with West Elm totaling 972 minutes (16.2 hours). The week before delivery, I spoke to West Elm three times and Ryder once to make sure there were specific instructions the along with the delivery of the headboard, they would be assembling a bed frame that was stored in 3 boxes in my studio apt for 9 months, and would be taking the headboard and bed frame I had in my apt. Everyone I spoke to assured me that everything was in order, and that once the headboard was delivered, I should reach out to West Elm for compensation for all my issues. Well, the delivery drivers said they were there just to drop off a headboard and nothing else. After pleading with them and after they messaged someone, they assembled the new bed frame and headboard—which was again not compatible and couldn’t connect. I called for support and received horrendous customer service. The first agent was confused (which I totally understood) but would only focus on white glove delivery refund. I said that I still have product that doesn’t work as it should, but she said 159 is the highest West Elm will go (even though they had offered over 400 two months prior). I said this was unacceptable, refused the 159 offer and said I would call back Monday with thorough notes. On Monday, they were very pleasant but wanted to focus on me being happy with the product before discussing a refund—a tactic then had been using (offfering a lot in future but giving nothing when the time came). Now the plan is that a “medic” will call to schedule an appt to look at the product to come up with a solution but was unable to provide a specific date for this scheduling call. So here I am going on 10 months without a solution to the problem and two items that won’t connect in my room. Throughout this process, I have been lied to, asked to call warehouse and delivery services to look into the issue, hung up on (several times after long wait times) and never received a call back despite promises throughout this entire process. I’ve had no issue with in stock items that are in the US already, but this bed has been a true nightmare with no resolution in sight. I never thought customer service could be this bad. And even though these items failed to be compatible on two separate occasions 9 months apart, I was told that I am the only person who has run into this issue—despite this headboard’s existence almost completely disappearing. In the week and a half since, I’ve had several phone calls with West Elm with them each ending in different way. The latest is that a 3rd party delivery service will be coming out today to see why the two items are compatible. Why would Rider be able to tell me what would help? They are the ones that put it together, saw they aren’t even close to lining up, and told me I’d have to contact West Elm about any future steps. I asked them to clearly document that the two items did not attach. But what did they do? They took a pic of the headboard resting against wall to make it look like it is connected—which West Elm has brought up repeatedly in a way like “sir the photo shows they are connected so I’m not sure what you want us to do.” After repeatedly being told it was connected when it wasn’t, I offered to take pics. That’s when the narrative shifted back to Rider coming back to look at the product they assembled and know that it doesn’t connect. I also asked if they could provide me with a list of compatible bed frames for the headboard (since it’s custom made I really need it to work since its a focal point of my design). They said they reached out to the product team who would reach out to me in 10 business days with the information. Whatttt?!! You can’t even tell me what frames are supposed to work with the headboard. Well, it used to say all west elm frames were compatible with west elm headboards which obviously isn’t the truth. So here we are 10 months later… they want to focus on me being happy with my product before they talk about any discount or compensation for the hell that I’ve gone thru with the already paid, non connected items. Well, I am not happy and feel like we are getting even further from a solution. I have never in my life experienced a customer service experience remotely close to the torture of these past couple months. It’s a real shame too. I love so many items I’ve purchased from there, but despite being a valued customer, they have not done anything to find a solution for the bigger products other than blaming out resourced companies and having me call this person and this person and this person. I really hope I can get some help with this situation, but I’m starting to lose hope. I would also like to stress this only communicates a small portion of my experience. I have written notes and phone logs to lend as evidence of my experience. -Paul Richardson

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