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Sept. 6, 2018, 1:35 p.m. by Sabrina

So, I checked My bank Account One day only to find that the bank had taken all the money out from my account, after talking to two different and very unhelpful and condescending people on the phone. I decide to go to the Estero Branch to see if they could help. After speaking with one of their personal bankers who I thought was helping solve the issue, he sent me to another branch, which feels like he Just didn't want to deal with it. So I get to the next branch in Miramar, Who at first are very seemingly helpful people. I talked to a personal banker and a service branch manager. Now that the locations are all cover here's the issue, When I opened my account it was a Teen account requiring a secondary on the account per their own rules. Fast forward a few years I'm a freshman in college, I sign up to have my account turned into a college account, I am told when that happens I become the sole owner of my account. fast forward One year later I am no longer on my father's account, at least so we thought because my accounts didn't show up on his anymore like they used to, leading us to believe that everything is all good. The day that I move into my dorm August 17th, 2018 , which for those of you who have never done a move-in before its very stressful, I check my account and all my money is gone. So I talked to two people on the phone on the customer service line, as I said they were unhelpful and condescending. I go to the Estero talk to a personal banker, I thought I was being helped but I was just sent to a different place. So here we are in the Miramar branch. After explaining the situation to the service branch manager (Michelle Fuquay) and a personal banker (Chelsea McNeely), they acknowledge that the failure to separate the accounts was the bank's fault, the lack of paperwork showing that my account was a college account was their fault, mind you, it was never upgraded to the right account which makes it even better. They even agreed that my accounts dropping from my father’s account summary was weird since our accounts were still somehow connected with neither of us knowing. These are not mistakes and errors customers of a bank can make, only those who work for the bank can. So, after a long day of running around moving in, going from bank to bank, I am given to business cards and I am told that they will open a ticket for it. Not even a week had passed since I left the bank at that point, my account has been zeroed out, had a payment coming out because when I scheduled it there was money there. They charge me an Overdraft fee of 35 dollars, I got it reversed. from there I called once a week to check in and see how the ticket is going, Today, September 6th, 2018, I called and without much conversation was transferred to a lady who spoken very softly to me ( I believe here name is Sherley) like I was a child and basically in so many words told me that even though a lot of this is our fault we will not be giving you your money back and I Should take it up with my father. So, this whole thing has taken about a month which leads me to today. You think after the scandal they had they would make more of an effort to correct any mistake made by their company. I am very annoyed me by the service I have received. I will admit I’m not sure where the disconnect happen because the first few times I Spoken to Michelle and Chelsea they were very helpful, maybe it was their own bosses that changed the conversation. I would love to have the money that was taken from my account returned, I was perfectly okay with waiting for them to go through the protocol they need to go through to fix the issue. I take issue with the seemingly blatant disregard for the fact that most of the issue with my account are employee based. I as a customer do not have access to the Wells Fargo banking system, I can’t go in and check to see if the upgrade on my account took it from a teen account to a college account, and that it and everyday checking account is not the same classification bank wise as a college account. As a customer I Have to rely on the words I am given from the people who represent the bank. When the secondary owner of a teen account who used to see the teens account in his own account summary, can no longer see the teen account on his summary. How are we the customers supposed to know that we should follow up on that to make sure that everything was done the right way. There is a mutual trust that My farther and I had with the bank, that is now broken. When I call and say there is an issue with my account I expect to be met with one who is going to try and help me figure out the issue not make me jump through hoops and not even get half of the result I wanted.

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