Wayfair complaints: How to file a complaint to the corporate office?

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How does the complaint process work on nonono.com?

Here's how you can escalate your issue:

  1. File a complaint here on nonono.com for $9

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  3. If Wayfair doesn't get back to you within 3 days, you'll get a 100% refund

Wayfair complaint statistics

  • 25 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 3.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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Wayfair Latest Complaints

Horrible customer service and product

Nov. 24, 2020, 5:24 p.m. by LaTonya

Quick run down.. Purchased a rug, named MINNA BRIGHT WHITE RUG . Rug came , and is cream colored, Called in and sent pics and the agent told me that it was the correct rug, but should be named differently. I set up a return, she advised me to leave it outside, wrapped in plastic. I did, then FedEx called and said they can't take it due to no label. She never mentioned a label. Bu this point , I'm driving out of state to bury my grandfather. Rug had to be left outside for a week. On Saturday the 20th, I called back to set up another return. I set it up(this lady was super rude) and FEDEX was due to come Monday 11/23. They never came. Tuesday 11/24 I called to see why, and was told that my return had been cancelled, and no one can say why. They want me to print ANOTHER label and leave it out AGAIN. I can't print a label , I just moved in and I have no printer. I went to my grandfathers funeral and was around my grandmother who also tested positive, so im on a mandatory quarantine. I NEED my money back but wayfair is making it extremely difficult. I've done everything I've been asked to and more and someone cancels my return, for no known reason and now I have to wait until after I'm covid free to return this item and go without my money. This is the short version, I left out the multiple hang ups, and ride supervisors (Kim was one name, the other one i have written somewhere) . I'm so pissed that I'm paying to submit a complaint, and also combining to the BBB

What is No No No?

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If you need to resolve an issue with Wayfair, you can file a public complaint on No No No. We will deliver your complaint to the Wayfair corporate office and ask them to resolve your issue.

After you have resolved your complaint, we will ask you to write a resolution review based on the outcome of the resolution. This approach incentivizes Wayfair to resolve your issue and your resolution review helps other consumers more than 'regular reviews' that don’t close the loop.