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Walmart Escalate your complaint to corporate office

Filing a complaint costs $9. We will deliver your complaint past the frontline customer service straight to the escalations department.

If you don't get a response 72h, you will get a 100% refund.



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Filing a complaint costs $9

We help consumers resolve issues with big companies

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Oct. 10, 2022, 7:48 p.m.

Thank you for the excellent service, special thanks for Jack's team. I’d recommend No No No to everyone if anything you need help with. My case was so weird - Walmart canceled my tire service appointment by last minute but never refund my payment. We were trying to find claim under their online app even Walmart Executive Escalations team, Walmart gave us a case number, and nothing happen at all afterwards. After several weeks waiting, we decided to give No No No a try. Only in couple hours later we received the 1st message from Walmart customer care team to apologize for their mistake and mentioned the refunds will be issued shortly. This is the 1st time we received an “official sorry” from all the possible channels (with No No No’s help.) The 2nd day, I noticed the refund issued under the credit card – I was thinking it shall be settled. I message No No No to mention I would keep them updated if the refund received in full. Unfortunately, Walmart canceled their refunds just 1 day later. (I’ve confirmed with my bank the refund was “cancelled by the merchant” not holding by anyone else.) I sent the other message to No No No team, with all back-ups and bank’s confirmation, request the help from No No No team again to follow up with Walmart. 2 more days later, the cancelled refunds posted to my account! Honestly, I don’t know what happened and why it’s so difficult to get the refund back from Walmart, but I know No No No is awesome because they got the way to push Walmart to response properly & under a reasonable time frame. I am happy that No No No made the mission impossible. And wish there is no one who needs to go through the mess. But if you do, you won’t regret to contact with No No No because the justice will be back shortly. P.S. I shall say one more thing is make sure you set the alert when the refund post because Walmart might be “cheat” again if you’re not aware the refund didn’t post to your account finally. Thank you, No No No. 😊

star star star star 2.81 (145 resolution reviews) Customer service

What is No No No?

We’re an independent consumer advocacy group here to help you resolve your complaint with a business.

Our mission is to fix issues and relationships between consumers and businesses.

If you need to resolve an issue with Walmart, you can file a public complaint on No No No. We will deliver your complaint to the Walmart corporate office and ask them to resolve your issue.

After you have resolved your complaint, we will ask you to write a resolution review based on the outcome of the resolution. This approach incentivizes Walmart to resolve your issue and your resolution review helps other consumers more than 'regular reviews' that don’t close the loop.