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Fraud scamming company just to get sale, no compassion

Nov. 22, 2022, 1:45 p.m. by Pamela

June 30, 2022. I came home from work. There was some guy standing on my porch. He said he was some salesman from a security company that they had by ADT and he needed to look at my equipment. I told him I had not had security system hooked up for 11 years. He said he still needed to get in his name was Anthony Bardini from Florida I let him in told him like I cut the wires 11 years ago. He said he could offer me a doorbell a wall panel a new one but he would have to take my ATT to window sensors for free for just putting the free sign to show customers who they were just like my ADT sign that was in my front yard and I would just pay 5647 a month like OK try it I gave you my credit card he charge me 5647 he was there for a little bit. He got a technician over there on a Friday night technician stay till about 11 12 o’clock. Send a technician asked me for the same credit card I said why he said well you have to pay your equipment I said no Anthony told me they were free. He said we won’t be able to get hold of Anthony till Monday. Go ahead and make that payment. Anthony will take care of it. I made a $60 and 81 payment and then all the sudden on Monday I heard about I had a credit line at $1500 with a company name Fortiva, I’ve been fighting to get out of this contract that was not my signature and I’ve never signed it why this Anthony martini was at my house so finally on November 26 after filing a claim with Better Business Bureau their legal department sent a resolution to the Better Business Bureau that they would refund me all my money on Vivint side and Fortiva side and cancel my contract as of November 21, 2022 I have not got my refund that I was supposed to get within seven days and they keep canceling their technician appointments and the first technician that was supposed to show up November 5 never showed up but said he showed up that Saturday with my appointment was 8 AM to 12 AM which I had to takeoff work And said that I refused to let him in to take the equipment but if a security company was smart enough, I have a doorbell camera that detects images of people and I have a panel that shows who’s at my house and they can see if their technician was there, and he never was there my next two appointments They canceled their own appointments so the third appointment the technician last Friday night came even though his appointment was canceled and said he would go ahead and take the equipment without them have an appointment and I said are you crazy you could steal it you can they would never know you were here and then I will never see my money, and I will never see anything. All I want is out of that contract and I want my money back for fraudulent, scandalous shit salesman that have been going around in every state they bring salesman‘s from other states and they take and scam elderly which is me I’m over 57 years old. I’m disabled on a lower income and they lie to you and think you’re getting something good and not tell you about the equipment company just so they can get to sell because you will never hear from them or see them again . Now even though they took my November payment, they keep changing my door panel password and wall panel password and locking me out of my home daily and/or my alarm goes off and I can’t answer correctly on my wall panel. They are scandalous to play games. I want out of my contract from Vivint and Fortiva starting June 30, 2022 for both and all money charged for both accounts refunded to me immediately.

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