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Vivint complaint statistics

  • 20 complaints filed

  • 8 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.75 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 62%

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Vivint refusing to cancel service or financing

Feb. 27, 2023, 8:05 p.m. by Allie

For the last six months, I have been trying to get my Vivint system installed in my new home. Every time I would call in to customer support, I would be told that I would get a callback from scheduling, and most of the time I would never hear from them again. I have been promised over and over to have my issue resolved, and yet again it is not resolved or even improved. When the system was initially installed, my sister and I were told by the technician that it could be canceled at any time if I had to move, free of charge, no penalties. I took the time to explain to him that I was a nurse and might have to move at a moments notice, reiterating that I did not want to be locked into a contract, and he said it would be no issue if I needed to get out of my contract, which was not true. Well, just a few months later the owner of our house decided to sell the property and we had to be out within 60 days. I explained this issue to Vivint multiple times, offering to provide legal documentation of the move, and relaying that I would be traveling with nursing, and they were of no assistance. I was told my account could not be cancelled, even though each time I would call to make an appointment, they would not have a technician available on that date or time and I would receive a “call back,” and then never would. When I was finally able to get someone on the phone to make an appointment for installation in my new home, the technician would cancel it. I also had to cancel an appointment due to travel. I was told by a service representative today that, that is the reason they will not allow me to cancel my contract or take care of the loan (one time cancellation for travel). I offered to have my family at the home present for the installation, but that wasn’t “allowed,” even though that was not in any paperwork I received when signing up for the company. I’ve also been scheduled for appointments that I did not make or confirm, made completely without my knowledge, how is that?! I also was told that my account was *active* at my new home (2 accounts active under my name) and nothing was ever installed there so that account later had to be “removed/cancelled.” For months, I have tried to get a representative on the phone and explain my situation. I’ve been told over and over again that a supervisor will call me and they never do. I’ve been told “you’re right, we’ll get this taken care of for you,” and then never hear back from a supervisor/ manager. I have been lied to by the representatives over and over again. I even spoke with a customer services representative for over two hours last Friday. The line ended up disconnecting and she told me she would call me the next day with a supervisor but she never did. I heard from her days later with no resolution but to continue working with them. I have never been more frustrated with a service in my life. To add, the system did not work very well when we had it. There were many times when the front door camera would stop working without any cause or reason and we would have to reset the system / panel very frequently. We didn’t realize that our system wasn’t monitoring during those times which was very alarming. I have received the worst customer service while working with this company. I have given many hours of my time, trying to reach them on the phone with absolutely no resolution or assistance from their team. I am willing to speak with the finance company about this because people should not be treated this way, especially when, trying to protect themselves by investing in this equipment. I feel completely taken advantage of and lied to and hope no one has to go through this.

Vivint Misleading Information & Promises

Jan. 30, 2023, 9:55 a.m. by Alexandria

Nov 28th the day I ordered the devices I was clear on what products I wanted. Indoor camera to be specific and was sent an outdoor. - December I called numerous times about the panel alarm constantly being set off with random noises -This year January I called 1/24/23 to return the devices because no one was resolving these problems. I returned the devices through FedEx on that day and was told I would receive a refund of the 151.47 I have been paying for the pass 2months. - Yesterday 1/29/23 the police were called to my home from a device I no longer have in my possession. Extremely upset about that. - With the noises the device was making while armed stay was interrupting sleep the police did as well. - I called Vivint today 1/30/23 and a gentleman explained to me about a trail period and how I am still responsible for the devices and would not receive a refund. - The issues with this whole system is I have been lied to several times and convinced this is how Vivint financial abuse their customers. - I returned the devices because of the increase I received in the mail of $219 for my third month when I was told it would be 151.47 for 3 months. Vivint needs to work on communication, lying to customers to get their way is not okay. I hate this company and regret giving my money to them. Flushed down the drain and wasted. - I just called Vivint again today 1/30/23 to speak to corporate and a women hung up the phone on me .

Vivint/Citizens complaint.

Jan. 21, 2023, 8:10 p.m. by Michael

In March 2022, I called Vivint to ask for a tech to come and look at my panel. In several days he arrived, looked at the equipment and told us that we were entitled to a free upgrade which he installed. I did not receive any bill from Vivint, which seemed reasonable since it was a free upgrade. In December 2020 I again contacted Vivint to deal with a software issue. I also requested that another outside camera be installed. After the resolution of the software problem and the installation of the camera, I asked how much I was to pay. He informed me that the bill would be sent to me, which it was not. It was apparently was paid using a credit card which is onfile with Vivint. I looked at my Vivint account on the internet to see that the bill for the camera install had been billed to my credit card, but also the cost of the March free upgrade had been given to Citizen Loan. Not only did I not request a line of credit from Citizens, I had no idea of its existence until I looked at my Vivint account. I contacted Vivint five times. They told me I had signed for the loan, and had been given all the pertinent information so that I could make an informed decision and that they would email me all the relevant paperwork. I have not received anything from them as of today. I also contacted Citizens Loan and they said, in essence the same as Vivint and they would also send me the documentation. I have received nothing from them so far. I have not received a bill from Citizens, but understand that I owe them over $1,000 with monthly payments. I sure would like to have this resolved or become a member of a class action suit against them as I understand many customers have had similar issues with them.

Never mentioned 2 different contract

Jan. 15, 2023, 8:15 p.m. by Robert

I recently purchased a security system from a Vivint door-to-door salesman. He told me that the amount on the lab top contract included my Financing fee for equipment & monitoring monthly fee. I agree, sign the contract for $61 monthly. After paying on time monthly my credit card expired as I change credit card for auto pay. Understand, I was never late with $61 monthly payment. All of a sudden from nowhere, because the salesman never mentioned that I was being charged an additional $40 for equipment from the equipment company. The only way I found out was because I received statements from them stating telling me I 2 months behind on my payment. The salesman never mentioned that the equipment is a separate billing from the $61 monthly monitor fee. I was paying $61 + $40 equipment financing. That wasn’t the agreement made with Saleman, he gave me the phone number to Vivint loyalty customer service. I reach out to the Vivint loyalty I haven’t heard back. It’s been week or more, but of course the equipment company is reporting to credit bureau my lateness. I had credit score of 780 & now it dropping fast. I’m spoke to the salesman he agree with me about numbers on the contract didn’t show as we agreed for equipment & monitoring fee. His name is Blake Merrifield (586) 899-9431. Blake told me, he tried to get corporate to correct the contract but nothing has changed. Except for my credit score. I need help & Vivint doesn’t seem to care about correcting the mistake. My point is I never agreed to $100 monthly for security/equipment. I did agree to pay $61 monthly for Monitoring & financing for equipment. I don’t think, I should pay $100 when salesman sold me on the deal for $61for both monitoring/equipment that what the contract stated in the heading: system purchase and service agreement.

Vivint complaint statistics

  • 20 complaints filed

  • 8 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.75 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 62%

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