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Uber Eats complaint statistics

  • 6 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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Uber Eats Latest Complaints

Extremely Poor Customer Service

Jan. 21, 2023, 9:30 p.m. by Meghann

I’m a regular Uber Eats customer and I am very unsatisfied with my experience through the app and email platforms when lodging a customer service complaint. I had an issue with an order one night getting ready for a party. I ordered some alcoholic beverages from a local vendor through UberEats. The order was severely delayed after paying for priority service and when it did arrive, the app had a technical difficulty meaning my ID could not be verified. The driver explained this has happened before due to the app being glitchy but there is nothing that can be done and he had to take my order away, despite the wait and the fact that I had proof of age ID. I attempted to complain and receive a refund through the app and was sent a series of automated responses that were unhelpful and did not resolve the issue. The driver also tried to help me on the spot and seek tech support on the app through the driver service line but they were also unhelpful and rude and hung up on us. Both the driver and myself as the customer were blamed multiple times for the cancellation, despite it being an issue entirely on the app’s end. I was refused a refund on an order of over $100 despite waiting for it for 2 hours and never receiving it due to a technical issue with the app. Eventually, after multiple and increasingly frustrating chats through the app I was put on to email support who directed me back to the app chat and in threads across both platforms over 2 hours reexplaining the issue multiple times, eventually I was refunded. But the response still included a warning to me that in future I need to ensure I have my phone close to me so future orders are not cancelled. Again, not having my phone on me was NEVER part of the problem and had nothing to do with why the order was cancelled. I had my phone on me. The driver was at my door with the delivery. I had my ID ready to accept it. It was the ID verifier glitching that was the only issue. Following this bad experience I tried for 2 months to escalate a complaint about the poor customer service experience I had received throughout the process (ie too many messages, blame being directed at me as a customer for an issue on the apps end, drivers being blamed and held up through the process.) It shouldn’t have been that hard to get a refund and it shouldn’t have held up the driver as long as it did. I wanted to be able to speak to someone over the phone to relay this experience to a human rather than receiving bot style responses that were automated and unrelated to the issues. I was told there is no phone support. I asked what other process I could take to escalate my concerns over poor customer service. I was told via app support it was being looked into and then received no response after 10 messages following up over a series of several weeks. I then tried to seek support over UberEats Facebook messenger platform. I received a response quickly saying it would be looked into but again then several days of chasing was required before I was told there is no phone support service and no other process of escalation was offered. The response essentially was that my incident had been dealt with and there would be no further response or support from UberEats over the incident. While I appreciate the order was refunded, my outstanding issue was the poor customer service and amount of messages required to resolve it - which was really unacceptable and not an ok customer experience. I wanted an opportunity to escalate such a poor experience so these issues can be managed appropriately in future. No one was helpful in offering me a platform to provide feedback on the poor standard of service. But for me this has been such a negative experience that I have gone from using the service several times a week, to permanently moving to another regular delivery service. I have been frequently asked for feedback over the years of using the app, so this is my feedback. I have been asked to rate and I rate it as zero with a sad face. I have gone to considerable lengths to have this passed on and considered and as a long term and regular customer would appreciate a response.

Uber Eats complaint statistics

  • 6 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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