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Sept. 5, 2018, 9:48 a.m. by Beth

On 01/30/18 I purchased and paid for in full a house shell in the amount of $31,128.67. I was working with Tim Askey the area sales manager. After the purchase we met and he asked me to get him the orientation drawings as to where I wanted the windows and doors placed. On 02/15 I emailed him the drawings with the information. I was in the Loveland Home Depot and ran into Tim A and we were talking about my project, this was on 03/13 he said that he hadn't received my drawings yet but that he would check again and let me know. I received an email from him that evening stating that he went back to January and didn't see anything so I sent the email again to him. I hadn't heard anything from Tim for a while so I sent an email on 04/09 to see where things were with the project. He emailed me back that day and said that he did receive the info and had submitted to engineering department but he noticed that the footings were not correct as the building I am having built will be heated so the footings needed to be deeper and he resubmitted for a revision and would check back later that afternoon 04/09 but that everything should be done by 04/10. On 04/12 I received a PDF of the plans from Tim A and he asked me to look over very thoroughly as once everything is completed I cant go back. I immediately noticed that a few windows were the wrong size and turned the wrong way and not located where they should be. I had a contractor friend look at the rest of the plans for me and he didn't find anything out of the ordinary so I made the correction on the PDF and emailed it back to Tim A so that he could send back to engineering on 05/14. By 05/23 I hadn't heard from Tim A so I sent him a text to make sure that he did receive my corrected plans, he text me back that day and said that he had received them and that he had already sent back to engineering for the revisions and that he would check with them on 05/24. Again I never heard anything back from Tim A so I texted him on 05/29 and he got back to me on 06/01 asking me to please call and if we could meet on 06/02. We made arrangements to meet at Loveland Home Depot on 06/02 and he said that engineering wasn't able to read or understand my revisions so we went over everything in person and Tim wrote down everything to get to the engineering dept and he assured me that it would be taken care of quickly because he has a different engineer working on the project now. On 06/06 Tim A emailed me my revised plans for approval of which I looked over carefully and emailed back that evening that it all looked ok and to go ahead with the next steps. On 06/08 I sent Tim A a text to make sure that he received the corrections from me as he didn't respond saying he had received me email, he had received it and he said that the plans had been finalized and sent off to the get the Colorado Engineering Stamp Certification. I sent 3 text messages one on 06/13, 06/28 and again on 06/29 with absolutely not response from Tim A. The text on 06/29 said that I wanted to know a prefered method of communication because I need to have better and faster responses. Finally on 07/01 I sent another text stating that I'm frustrated with the lack of communication and that I'm to the point where I'm ready to hire a contractor to do the job for me and that I want a refund. Finally on 07/02 Tim A responded stating email would be best for communication as it would provide more transparency, in that email he CC'd Jameka Spencer: Factory General Manager, Corey Jefferies: Factory Assistant General Manager, Melissa Westback: Scheduling, and Tim Lewis: Senior Permit Technician. Tim A said that Tim L will be overseeing the permit process and that when we respond via email we should do so with a reply all. On 07/03 Tim A said that Tim L has all my information and is submitting the wet stamped info of which by the way was stamped on 06/08 from Professional Engineer Patrick Quinney and 06/09 from Professional Engineer Auturo Hernandez. (Why were these Stamped a month prior to when I'm being told they were done? And why wasn't the permit applied for on 06/10 and not 07/03?) It seems to me there is A LOT of ball dropping going on!! Anyway, I emailed Tim L on 07/11 to get information on turn around time for the permit process and on 07/16 he emailed me back and said that Larimer County was taking 2-3 weeks to review permits. On 07/23 Tim L left me a voicemail stating that they have been going back and forth with Larimer County regarding corrections that the County wanted done to the engineering plans and that he would keep me updated, I thought this is refreshing, someone is actually reaching out to me to let me know what is going on without me having to constantly have to. I wanted to know what it was that Larimer County was needing from them so I sent Tim L and email on 08/03 requesting what it was that the County wanted and he emailed me back that day and said that the "wind speeds, Snow Loads, Wind Exposure & Roofing Shingle Class all needed to be addressed." (So basically nothing was correct on the plans the engineering dept drew up for me.) Tim L said in that email as well that Tim A is now handling everything again to make sure the engineers make those corrections. (Great, back to pulling teeth for information!) By 08/17 I hadn't heard anything from Tim A (who had been cc'd on the email that Tim L sent me on 08/03) I sent another email requesting information about what was going on and how frustrated I've become with having to constantly ask about what is going on and that from now on I need updates everytime something happens regardless of what it is going forward. Tim A responded that day 08/17 by email stating an amendment was made to the standard building code by Larimer County that they didn't know about and that now they have to use a non-combustible material around the lower perimeter of the building & they have determined the best way to meet that code is to use a Hardie Sheeting and that with this info they have resubmitted plans to engineering to revise and final stamp (AGAIN) Tim A said process should be completed "in a very short period of time" He didn't even mention anything of the items that Tim L had told me were wrong! On 08/29 I emailed Tim A requesting an update and what his idea of a short period of time meant and he emailed me back that day essentially saying the same thing he had told me in his prior email from 08/17 but added that he would follow up on the status and if it appeared to be longer he would advise me and also that he would reply no later than Friday 08/31. On 08/30 I once again emailed Tim A wanting to know if the engineering department had updated or not and haven't heard anything back since!! CRICKETS is all I've gotten! This job needs to be completed and it needs to be done now, we are coming up on 8 months since the purchase and I feel like I’m being pushed aside and not being told the truth at all. Tuff Shed has their money, I guess that’s all they care about because it sure isn’t providing good customer service. The job needs to be finished and needs to be up to code and done now.

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