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Nov. 28, 2022, 9:25 a.m. by Sandra

I hired a handyman to switch out electric outlets and light switches. He charged $40/hr and I hired him in 2 1/2 hr allotments (starting Jan 2022 until present) since I’m on a fixed income. He agreed to install new outlets and run new wiring 6 different times in my home. When he didn’t finish the latest outlet and still charged I discovered that he (Brian Knight) was not allowed to do any electrical work that connects directly to my home’s electrical system-an unlicensed contractor. He led me to believe that he was allowed to do this work. It was obvious he didn’t know what he was doing. I want him BANNED PERMANENTLY from Thumbtack since he committed FRAUD and endangered my safety and the integrity of my home. I will have to hire a licensed electrician to redo the mess he left. I’m told that if I have a fire my insurance would not cover it because of the unlicensed work. Brian Knight has admitted in writing that he performed unlicensed work and that he does not have an electrical license. I would like to be refunded for the work he admitted to performing (6 1/2 hours @$40/hr=$260). I supplied all materials. I am submitting a complaint to the Ohio Attorney General and the Ohio Dept of Commerce for adjudication of my complaint which should include restitution for damages and the costs of hiring an electrician above this amount I am requesting. I may have to hire a lawyer as well. This is a nightmare for this senior citizen.


Nov. 14, 2022, 12:30 p.m. by Minnie Velinda

I was scammed by a contractor recommended by Thumbtack. The contractor requested a payment of 4000.00 deposit prior to starting the job. I wrote him a check for 3500.00. Since it was a holiday, he stated that he could not begin the job prior to having the deposit of 4000 and the banks were closed. He needed most of money upfront and the remainder in a check and that he left his receipt book and would certainly provide a receipt later. He placed ceramic tile on top of parquet flooring. I contacted him to remove. He messed up over half of my tile and will need to be replaced. He also used a screw gun to nail up my shiplap on the ceilings without removing the crown moulding. The screws will need to be removed snd shiplap replaced. He opened a wall in my home and nailed up one sheet of Sheetrock and asked for more money. A 3 to 5 day job has become s nightmare. My house is not liveable and I am out of 6800 not including the 180 he took to buy anchors for my kitchen cabinets? He left trash outside my home as well as in my home. He used my bathroom vanity to mix mortar which is difficult to remove as well as the paint??? He contacted the police to accompany him to remove tools from my home. I contacted Thumbtack on numerous occasions and was offered 1000? This is not acceptable. I have not been able to cook or utilize my living and dining areas. I am having to purchase hot food each night. Thumbtack reached out to the company several times and they failed to respond. The person listed business as Ariel Brown but the person who signed the checks were Dorian Brown??? No record of the company or the agents? Thumbtack did not check the company or agents thoroughly. I have been going back and forth with Emily in an effort to resolve this matter however she is giving me the run around. I need my money and materials to fix my house. The holidays are fast approaching and my house is not suitable. If it was not for Thumbtack, I would not be in this dilemma. The banks have pictures of Dorian Brown on camera. This has caused me and my family a lot of stress and agony. What a nightmare???

Dangerous day bed installation

Nov. 11, 2022, 10:55 a.m. by Elizabeth

My husband and I needed a large daybed hung on our back porch and we decided it was best to hire out in order to ensure it was done right and safe. We hired a gentleman I matched with on thumbtack. Joe (the guy)got in touch with me and sent me one of the men that works for him Brandon. We offered $150 to the guy(joe) and he agreed. Brandon came and did the work. He was kind and we felt like we have finally found someone good and honest in this town. We cooked him lunch and ensured he was comfortable. He had to spend more time in the bed than expected and therefore we elected to pay double what we originally offered ($300). The framing I purchased was rated for 1200lbs and he confirmed it was the correct items. He had to build a joist I. Our attic in order to accommodate. After the job, we hired him to paint a tall staircase we had. He canceled 3x and no showed 2. He stopped answering any calls or texts and completed ghosted us. We told joe and he said this wasn’t uncommon for Brandon. Joe offered to do it and then delayed painting the walls that we told him we had to part ways with his business as we needed more reliability. Joe and Brandon never responde after that. Two weeks after install, a friend of ours was sitting in the bed outside when it collapsed. The roof was pulled down and the friend hit the floor. The joist Brandon built was not installed correctly. Our roof is now damaged and the bed is no longer hung. Brandon didn’t answer us despite pleas for help and an explanation of how serious this error was. Joe told us essentially not his problem despite Brandon being his worker. We tried to find a resolution or compromise but joes so unprofessional he won’t even respond. I want my money back but we paid him through cashapp as he instructed. This was a dangerous error made and now we have damage we didn’t previously have and the job is not done. We now have to hire someone to fix the damage and rehang. What options do I have?

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