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Do you have a dispute about your car? You can't get through the complaint line to the Tesla's help center and you’d like to contact the corporate office?

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Tesla complaint resolution statistics

  • 102 complaints filed

  • Resolution rating 4.75 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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A defective car sold by Tesla

March 13, 2023, 11:25 a.m. by Moinul

Dear Sir/Madam, I’m a new owner of a Model Y with VIN number: 7SAYGAEE7PF692944. I just received my Tesla delivery on Feb 28, 2023 from SmithTown Tesla, New York. I would like to share some of my horrific experience with my new Model Y; which I received delivery on Feb 28, 2023. My residence is about 35 miles from Smithtown Tesla, New York. After receiving my new Model Y, I was heading straight home from the delivery place and I was cruising about 65mph on the highway (Long Island Expressway). While driving, all of a sudden, the car slowed down to 25mph in the middle lane of the highway. I was so terrified and was so lucky that a trailer truck behind my car made an emergency break to avoid hitting my car. I heard the sound of the brakes. Luckily, I pulled over my car to the side shoulder of the highway. The moment I stopped the car, it stopped working completely. Then I called Tesla and informed them of my situation. Tesla technicians tried over the phone to resolve the issue; however they failed. Finally the car was towed to Syosset Tesla. At Syosset Tesla, I was told that I will have to leave my car for further diagnosis and I was given a loaner car from Syosset Tesla. All these things happened on the delivery day of my new car. On March 8, Syosset Tesla informed me that my car is ready for pick up. Syosset Tesla also informed me that they had to replace the rear drive unit of my car. On March 10, I went to Syosset Tesla and requested them to replace my vehicle with a new Model Y; since Tesla delivered me with a defective car. However, they denied to give me a replacement car. I was told that I am not qualified for a replacement car. At this point, I feel like I am being scammed by Tesla. Because, I paid $65,000 for a defective car, which even did not reach home from the delivery spot. I strongly believe that Tesla Quality Control failed to do their job. I had a family event on March 1st. The new car was needed for that specific event; however everything was ruined. I requested Syosset Tesla numerous times to give me a new replacement car; but they kept denying and advising me that I don’t qualify for it. Lastly, with an extreme dissatisfaction, I had to take back my defective Model Y from Syosset Tesla.

Tesla Temp Replacement during Repair

March 8, 2023, 9:30 p.m. by Shimshai

Our Tesla Model Y Battery has failed and will not charge. The car is only 2 years old and the problem is covered under Tesla warranty and they will replace it at no cost to us. The issue is the nearest Tesla Service Center is 3.5 hrs away from us and they are unwilling to provide us with suitable replacement vehicle options. The repair is estimated to take most of the rest of March to complete, until the 24th. I cannot be without a car that long and I don't have time to drive 3.5 hrs each direction, each time to pick up a loaner from Tesla which is what they offered. They are unwilling to offer alternatives such as rental car reimbursement. They have offered us an Uber voucher for $100 which won't get us very far and quite frankly is not practical in our location with our schedule of work, school and kids activities and etc. The problem with the vehicle is entirely in Teslas court and it seems they need to make it easy for us to have a replacement car with no lapse in mobility. We didn't buy into the Tesla game only to be stranded with minimal options or effort on the company's part in wake of a situation that we have zero culpability for? no thanks Tesla, you need to step up the customer service game! We live in Ashland OR and our nearest service center is in Bend, OR. 187 miles away, 3.5 hr drive each direction. Not reasonable or realistic for a major failure thats not at all our fault. I would like Tesla to be held accountable to deliver us a replacement vehicle while ours is being repaired. I would accept reimbursement for a local rental car during this period of time as a great option. I'm not able to drive 7 hrs to pick up a loaner car from the company and Uber vouchers are just not practical with our life and schedule.

Customer service and transparency

March 5, 2023, 6 a.m. by narayana

Hello, I got a tesla Model y on 12/31, and I have been planning to get it for the last 5 yrs, and at last, I was able to save some money and got it. Trust me; I am enjoying it 110% and wrote an article about how Tesla is changing technology and ahead of the game. Friday, 2/24, I was leaving for the airport @ 4:45 AM to drop my sons off for national selection, and one of my sons did not close the door properly. He went inside to get something, and I did not notice it when I took the reverse car was making sounds, but I saw windshield wiper liquid was low, and I thought that was the reason, and I did not think the door was partially open. My Rear driver's side door hit the garage door sides and broke into millions of tiny pieces, and it was my bad, and I am not going to blame anyone. It shattered all over inside the car and in the garage, I did some basic cleaning and got towed to a Tesla dealer, and they said they needed a glass and ordered it. They got the glass after one week, and all fixed and ready for pickup; I have been requesting them for the last week please clean the pieces thoroughly at least 10 to 15 times (Please check service messages, and it will give an idea, how many times I said, please clean thoroughly). They said they would do it 100% and charged $200 more for cleaning, and I said I was fine. When I went there to pick up my car, I saw visible glass pieces everywhere, and when my wife sat on the seat, she felt it right away; some were visible. They said sorry, and I took it back and told them we didn't have the equipment to clean it thoroughly. Agree with the mistake of saying we don't have the proper tools to clean it. In the meantime, I asked for a manager who could help me; the guy said no manager today, and that's all we can do, and I was mad, and my wife told when I sat, I felt it the right way and why can't you clean properly and we have requested it from day one at least ten times. He lied about the manager, and at last, the manager came, and they agreed to take it again and clean it, and they tested the mirror, and it's not closing properly again, and you asked me to come after all done, and it looks like you did not test properly. I waited for 2 hours and came back. They helped me immediately to take uber because it was getting delayed, and one of the guys sat and spoke to me and said sorry. The price changed; first, you guys said $530 and then 260, and now you are saying $750; I am fine with that, but the big problem here is now they say the door is not closing properly, and you have it to take to the body shop. If you are unsure about it, you should have told us we don't do this here; please take it to the body shop, which will cost another $2000 or $3000. My wife is mad and doesn't want to take the car back because she has an MDX and has never had this bad customer service. I hope you understand my situation and frustration, and it's not fair to the customer. Please help me

Tesla complaint resolution statistics

  • 102 complaints filed

  • Resolution rating 4.75 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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