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T-Mobile complaint statistics

  • 18 complaints filed

  • 2 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 3.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 50%

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Jan. 8, 2019, 11:27 a.m. by Shonna

I purchased a tablet back in 2015 and I turned it back in a couple days later because it wasn’t working therefore the gave me another on a month after that the bill went up on it unexpected that wasn’t the agreement so I canceled the line I was told the line was canceled received a bill saying I was paying on two tablets I called the credit the account a couple of dollars said the lines where canceled went through the same situation a couple of time for years it’s 2019 and the same tablets are still on the line I called today and spoke with Latisha out the team of experts in the south Carolina area she stated she never seen any notes on the account nor any calls when ALL THE CALL SUPPOSE TO BE MONITOR AND RECORDED didn’t get anywhere with her remind you I canceled the line over three years ago so I asked to speak either manager which was KIM badge number 1232487 also with the team of experts in the South Carolina area the said the same thing as latisha stated that she can really on credit my account 90 days but she did it for six months when I been paying for 3 years and also had an attitude I been with T-Mobile for 7 years and they never on the same page what pissed me off the most Kim THE MANGER told me she wasn’t able to pull up the call from PA which is outside of SC to basically I had to take a loss out of 3 years if that’s still apart of T-Mobile why aren’t you able to view the calls or the notes she basically said screw me and took my money and said it’s no way to get in touch with them because it’s not in sc and they just opened this department back in July of 2018 THEY ARE A HORRIBLE company I don’t recommend using the service you call one day somebody tell you one thing the next time you call they say they don’t see any notes nor call somebody isn’t doing they job and they leave you to deal with I been getting charge for a tablet for 3 year and I can’t get my money back because they don’t have they stuff together I’m so upset I never wrote a bbb complaint on anyone but and this point I’m so fed up with T-Mobile

T-Mobile complaint statistics

  • 18 complaints filed

  • 2 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 3.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 50%

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