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Consider this your warning! Beware of the scam that is Stubhub

Oct. 28, 2022, 10:12 p.m. by Danielle

Having never sold tickets before I found myself with an extra set of tickets for a show I couldn't see. After deciding I would sell I landed on StubHub to do so. This was my first time on the website and immediately I was encountering problems with my listings. the problem was that I was creating a listing, but it wasn't showing up, so I tried again, still no dice. I called them to inquire/fix the issue. The first call made was a pretty quick exchange and pleasant - he walked me through some troubleshooting and encouraged to check back on the site for the listing and if I still didn't see it to list it again. Finally a listing was made. Since the concert I was selling the tickets for was about a year out I wasn't anticipating selling these tickets soon so I would revisit the site here and there just to make sure my listing was good and no sales were made. Finally come May 2022 I sell my tickets! I was thrilled bc I made my money back! - or so I thought - I transferred the tickets to the buyer in May of 2022 and noticed I wasn't going to be paid until after the concert took place in late October 2022; that detail wasn't ideal, but I dealt with it. I checked my profile to ensure the tickets were transferred, sent an email to the buyer to confirm he received the tickets, and check my profile to see that the order was completed --- now comes the absolute nightmare that followed; 2 days before the show - the one I sold the tickets for - an email comes in from StubHub stating that my 'order had been cancelled'. I was confused and wasn't sure what I was reading so I went back to look at the email I sent my buyer, sent another email to him to ensure he received the tickets and that there were no issues and he got back to me right away stating he was all good, tickets in hand! I called Stubhub right away to inquire about this bc I was very concerned, I gave the the order#, told them that the tickets were transferred, I see it on my profile, and I am looking at a completed order. The person on the other end mentioned that the order# is question was not the order# I mentioned. I said, 'I don't have another order, I only listed one set of tickets and sold them. what other order?!' The person on the other end of the phone proceeded to tell me that there was another listing created and sold that I failed to transfer and as a result the order was cancelled. at this point confusion is setting in, and I ask her to tell me what this mysterious other order is, what for??' she proceeded to tell me that the cancelled order was for the exact same tickets for the exact same show I already sold and transferred the tickets for. I expressed to her that I don't understand how that could have happened as I only ever created a listing for one set of tickets, sold one set of tickets and never created, nor did I see a second listing of the same exact tickets for the same exact show. How or why would that happened?? She responded with a most dismissive tone and said, 'well you're the only one who could have done it, no one else is on your profile'. At this point I am getting pretty upset and I explained to her again that there is no way I would have created a duplicate listing, nor would I ever sell identical tickets to the same show after I sold them. I mentioned that when I first signed up I was having issues listing my tickets, called StubHub for guidance and they told me to relist if I didn't see the listing so that's what I did. I also mentioned to her that I never saw an email come through about a duplicate sale or another sale bc if I did I would have dealt with it immediately. I mentioned I am unsure what happened that perhaps it was a system this point she interrupted me and said that 'the only person who is responsible is you. no one else posted this listing, but you'. I was beside myself. not only was she accusing me, but she failed to hear anything I said, and she never acknowledged or honored what I was saying she just continued on with how I am now responsible for fees because of failure to deliver the tickets and causing a cancelled order. I stressed again the situation, I stressed to her that I am not responsible for this and I wasn't going to pay fees for this error. after several exchanges back and forth and met with attitude the entire time she finally said, 'forget it, we will take care of it' to which I replied 'what will you take care of' she said 'just forget it, we will take care of it'. I said 'ok.. so when would I be receiving my money?" She mentioned 5-8 days after the event. I asked if I would be getting the total amount paid, she said yes. we hung up. I was angry and really drained after that phone call, but I expected all was going to be ok. 4 days later I check my email and noticed an email from stubhub mentioning 'a fee was accrued from my cancelled order' that the following money was charged and the total amount for the tickets is due. I checked my bank account and sure enough they removed money from my account. They still owed me 500$ by the way from completed sale, but the only email I received was from the duplicate listing I never created that they stated they were 'taking care of' that was now clearly falling to the fault and expense of me now. I called them immediately and spent over an hour on the phone explaining my case - again - stating that when I spoke to someone several days ago they mentioned 'StubHub was taking care of it', and 'why is there a charge on my account'. and much like the prior experience with the other 'customer service associate' this one was even worse. He was rude, dismissive, aggressive, and abusive, He interrupted me every step of the way, wouldn't give me a straight answer, failed to acknowledge anything from my previous conversation. He basically said, "you have to pay for this bc you did this, not us" back and forth and back and forth. he then mentioned he could take 50% off the fee which would still be 250$, I said that was unacceptable bc this was not my fault. he continued to deny any wrongdoing on the part of StubHub, and then when I wasn't thrilled he offered me 50% off, he threatened to take it back stating that, 'if you don't want 50% off then you'll pay 100%' At that point I asked to speak to a supervisor, he refused. I mentioned wanting to speak to someone higher up several times and he just kept coming back with 'they are gonna say the same thing I am saying' so you will pay this fee at 50% or 100%. exhausted and absolutely defeated, I agreed to the 50% bc I truly believed I had no other option. I didn't feel taken care of, heard, acknowledged. I was treated with psychological warfare if Im being honest. He concluded the conversation by saying I would receive the payout first, then 13 days later X amount of money would be removed for the 50% off fee. I had him repeat that several times so I had it in writing. I asked him to send me an email of our conversation so I had it documented. he said,' I am telling you now so I will not be sending an email.' towards the end he was rushing me off the phone and responding to me like he couldn't be more annoyed. so I hung up the phone, feeling incredibly unwell and frustrated. I just spent over an hour with someone from 'customer service' who spent the better part of the conversation blaming me, badgering me, and interrupting me' Needless to say I didn't come away from that interaction feeling like I won anything. I still didn't have my money for the completed sale, and I was already losing money from a duplicate listing I never created, but was now bearing the responsibility for all of it. the next day comes and I check my StubHub profile to see where the payment was at, and every single detail I was looking at regarding payout and the fees for the other listing was nothing close to what he and I discussed the day before. So against my gut, I picked up the phone to call StubHub yet again. I felt a pit in my stomach at the sheer idea of having to talk to anyone else from StubHub again, but I needed this resolved so I gave it one more shot. Again! Again I was met with the single worst customer service experience I have ever had in my entire life. I felt insane at the end of it all. this individual like the previous two was rude, dismissive, unkind, uncaring, my requests were met with unbelievable attitude. All I wanted was clarification, I wanted the figures I was looking at to match what I discussed with the other person the previous day. she couldn't or wouldn't do this, she would not provide me clarification, she would not ensure that what was discussed yesterday with another customer service rep would be honored today. I asked her when I would be receiving my payout. she couldn't give me an exact answer. I said it's day 5 so it should be processing any minute now right? and all she said to that was 'well we don't process on the weekend so you won't be getting it now' - I said just forget it, I give up, I expressed how absolutely disgusted and appalled I was over the past 5 days dealing with all of you, and she hung up on me!!! I sat, defeated, and crying. shortly after she hung up on me I get an email from StubHub stating again that a charge accrued on my account for 478$!!!! nothing, absolutely nothing that was said to me was honored. I was given absolutely zero grace, absolutely zero resolve, and I have not received any of the money for my sale. I have had two charges on my account for amounts unclear, inaccurate, never agreed on, and never allowed. being a first timer on the site I was offered zero benefit of the doubt, I was met with blame, abusive language, and dishonesty, I genuinely feel there is no recourse for this bc there seems to be no one besides this group of ignorant, heartless, bullies to field stubhub's customer concerns and issues. to conclude. I am still owed 491.30. this is day 6 of the 5-8 payment window. no processing of any money to my account has been activated. I am not responsible, nor do I claim responsibility for a duplicate listing or cancelled sale bc I believe this was a clerical error and/or an oversight on the part of StubHub. There was never a second listing on my profile, and I never received an email from StubHub about a second sale. I was told after the first phone call 'to forget it, StubHub will take care of it' that never happened. During the second phone call, after my account was charged for 38.90, the details from the first phone call was not honored, and I was more or less forced to accept the 50% off or pay 100% of the cancelled sale. that was not honored. During the third phone call, the details on my profile did not match what was discussed during the second phone call. Furthermore after I was hung up on my checking account was charged an additional 478.00. I am truly hoping I find resolve and the funds that are legally mine. They owe me nearly 500$ and all they have done is made me absolutely sick inside, destroyed my faith in hospitality, removed money from my account without my permission, and lied repeatedly. I urge anyone who is even contemplating using StubHub for either buying or selling tickets to run, literally run in the other direction. I hate to say it, but they are in the business of scamming people. It's unfortunate, but it's truly the only conclusion that makes sense to me.

StubHub Does Not Accept Responsibility for Website Issues

Oct. 20, 2022, 5:58 p.m. by Mark

I purchased a special ticket to the Padres vs. Phillies NLCS game on Wednesday, October 19th. [Order #507331616]. The website was having considerable issues which delayed my entry into the game. Then, when I attempted to show my mobile ticket at the section (The Beach, which requires a separate security check and wristbanding) the website would not load. I was told by two Event Staff security officers that others had been having problems with the StubHub app all day. I tried everything including disabling my wifi, reloading the app., etc. all to no avail. I waited until the bottom of the third inning, which by then, resulted in the relinquishing of my seat (#59) and relagation to standing room only (for a $225 ticket - $300 with fees). After the website showed continued issues and failing to load, the security guard acquiesced and allowed me (and another couple whom I did not know and who were having the same issues) to use my screenshot of the ticket, and I was able to gain access to The Beach by the top of the 4th inning, which was very disappointing. Later, I met a group of five people who had the same problems, both gaining entry into the stadium and again at the entry to The Beach. Today I called StubHub, only to get dismissed after a series of profuse apologies, saying their investigation showed no signs of latency with their website. This was not only total BS, but disengenous as there were several noted complaints found online regarding the overall instability of their relatively new web platform. I had a similar but not as serious issue with StubHub a couple of years ago in Pittsburgh, and the resolution was far from favorable. With this situation, they've lost a customer unless they make it right.

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