Sprint complaints: How to file a complaint to the corporate office?

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How does the complaint process work on nonono.com?

Here's how you can escalate your issue:

  1. File a complaint here on nonono.com for $9

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  3. If Sprint doesn't get back to you within 3 days, you'll get a 100% refund

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Sprint Latest Complaints

disappointed, frustrated and on my last nerve.

March 30, 2019, 9:04 p.m. by Kathryn

From the beginning of signing up with Sprint it has been an absolute nightmare. Just in the last month I have either held, been transferred from one person to another (and no one knew what they were doing) been told I didn’t have a device that I did have and bought it from Sprint the day I signed up. My iPad or my husbands as been without data intermittently and when I called was told I only had on IPad. We have been spoken down to and most recently, after leaving Sprint, tried to port all three phones and only 2 would port. When called your representative (who was incredibly rude even with the dignity rep on the line) and said it would not be released. By the end of that call my entire day was ruined again. The coverage is HORRIBLE and we were “guaranteed” it would be as good as Verizon whom I left ONLY because it was getting expensive with them. My bill is MORE than my Verizon bill ever was without even so so coverage and Sprint has the WORST customer service i wanted a Mac iPhone when signing up, the rep told me “no you don’t, the new ones are too big and not a good cost saving purchase “. Again went with her suggestion. Not only was the phone way too small the speaker was so quiet I couldn’t use it! When I called about it I was transferred 4 times and held for an hour just for a simple inquiry. I have ever encountered. I am in Executive Administration and believe me your reps are either poorly trained or poorly hired. Most of the time we can’t even understand them. I am canceling my account and really hope that this email finds someone who will follow through with anything. 3 of your higher mgmt said they would research our acct and get back to us. Not one word. Re service fees, I expect them to be waived. The frustration, hours upon hours of holding, being transferred, incorrect info given and my frustration should more than cover it. So far today it has been 6 hours simply trying to get a phone number ported out. Sure enough, I spoke to 3 reps with 3 different answers.

What is No No No?

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