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tried to terminate me and didn't pay me all my money

Aug. 7, 2018, 8:23 p.m. by Stylles

On Sunday night in was passing by the apartment that I work at Spanish valley I seen a resident that stayed there I was next door to the complex at the store. She said she was scared because people is by her door fighting. And the night before this we had to remove her boyfriend from the property. So I told her I'll call the security guard that's on duty tonight because I'm off and get him to come check things off she said okay so I posted on the website what's app we all are in one big group o sad. So theres no security guard on duty. Not two minutes later Jaye Whitfield calls my phone and says don't post nothing on the site because Adam can see itt. I said I only posted one post then we got off the phone Iwas texting Luise and I said I'm about to call Mr Adam. Then Jaye calls be back and say don't call Adam. I still called him only because Jaye started say lies about me being in the apartments when I didn't go I. The apartments try to say that I'm messing around with some girls out there but I'm not. All then I called Adam the next day I'm still waiting on my check after both of the security guards got theirs but not me. Then when they do send me my check it's been shorted one day and one hour =9 hours so they took 9 hours off my check and still owe me another check for the two days I I just put in these are the messages that I text Adam Hello Mr Adam this is Edward Hicks one of the security guards at Spanish Valley apartments I haven't received my check in the mail yet. Do you know when I will get i. He said14-30 days then I said Why that long. Adam didn't even respond so I text him back saying Hey Mr Adam this is Edward I still haven't received my checkCan you please just send it to me through email or something because my rent is passed due now o have no other type of income at all still he didn't respond to my text nor did he answer my phone call so I text him back saying.Honestly Adam this is not acceptable at all I have a family to feed just like everyone else that works at Spanish valley. If I have to get BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IN this then I will I'm tired working and not getting paid for it. I have been calling and texting you and you just sending me to voicemail. I really don't think you guys are trying to pay me you could have emailed me my check or something. If I don't hear from you or Melisha today or y then I will have to take that step. Because I have a four year old son that I have to take care of so o need y'all to do something quick and fast let me know something ASAP then he saidYa. Your extremely annoying. I'm f****** working on it. I have 155 employees. I'm not in the USA and all I'm dealimg with is a guy who I didnt even f****** employ... We are working on it. But had I known you were going to be So annoying I woukd have blocked your number. So I text him back and saidI just need my check I'm late on my rent because of itI'm saving everything I text you and what you text me so ya. Adam says. No Your late on your rent because of yourself. DonT blame Your problems on me. If you planned life you would be able to make it morr than a day. your Your own problem. Not me. Its in process.I dont give a shit. Its a fact you work dor jaye and your fuxking annoying. Ask him for a check. I said He told me to call you. Then Adam saysHere. I sent it all to jaye. So no need To save it so I said thisI'm done working for y'all I'm going better Business Bureau it's been to dam. Long and I still don't have my check Adam Jaye y'all I have had it I will get my money y'all owe me then Adam saysYa. Because we will f****** pay it to you. Im excited to see who you really are. We do not have space for people like you at the property. Its uncalled for. The world doesnt revolve around you or me. So stop acting like it does. Its in process. I saidWhat's uncalled for is y'all lien like I would have my check on Friday then Monday and now when Adam said loose my number Melissa already has your check. Just checked with my office. So busy annoying me yiu could have asked melissa so I said She just sent it an its not right i got my copy of the invoice both of them weeks I worked and then Adam said how about a thank you. Talk to jaye. Thats What he sent me. I'm blocking your number. Your worse than a tenant. I'll m still missing money from my first check and still need my check for the Friday and Saturday I just worked the other day

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