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Unsatisfactory Carpet Cleaning by Sears tech

July 1, 2022, 1:06 a.m. by Sheila

On 6/23/22, I had my carpets cleaned by a Sears tech. He stated I needed two extra charges to my bill, one being $60 for heavy soil treatment. After he left, my niece and I looked at the carpet and no real cleaning was done to change the soiled areas. It looked just the same. I called the call center number and was told to wait until the following day. I did. Then I was told there would be a tech in the area Saturday for a redo, but I should wait and call between 4p and 5p to let my invoice clear. When I called back, I was told that they don't do redos on Saturday;I was misinformed and would need to wait until the following Friday. I was not happy with the poor cleaning and further delay and said I would prefer a credit for the $60 charge to work with another company. I was told there was another redo scheduled for Monday, which was never discussed with me and I had no availability that day. I was told they would check with the dispatcher on my credit request. There was to be a call between 9a and 11a on Monday. No call was received until Tuesday at which time I was told my credit card had not been accepted. No mention of my credit request. I did not provide any further information to the call center and asked to speak to manager. I was told that I was refusing to pay. I repeated twice that at no time had I ever said that I refused to pay. During these discussions with the call center, I had asked to speak with a manager twice. I've yet to hear from anyone. The Sears tech wrote down my credit card number on his invoice and got one of the digits wrong. That's why it wasn't accepted. That had nothing to do with me. The Sears call center is 703/339-5888. The invoice number is 704481. Cleaning was done in Stafford VA.

Sears Description

Sears is an integrated retailer providing merchandise and related services. Sears offers a wide range of home merchandise, apparel and automotive products and services through Sears-branded and affiliated full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States. Sears also offers a variety of merchandise and services through, and specialty catalogs. Sears offers consumers proprietary brands including Kenmore and DieHard.

Sears claims to be the largest provider of home services in America, with more than 14 million service and installation calls made annually.


No No No Description

No No No is a consumer advocacy service that helps consumers file and resolve complaints with businesses.

Our mission is to improve the relationship between businesses and consumers and to advocate for transparency.

What is No No No?

No No No is a consumer advocacy website that helps consumers file and resolve complaints with Sears.

Our mission is to improve the relationship between businesses and consumers and to advocate for transparency.

If you need to resolve an issue with Sears Corporate, you can file a public complaint on No No No and we will deliver your complaint to Sears and ask them to resolve your issue. In return, after you have had your complaint resolved, we will ask you to write a resolution review based on the outcome of the resolution.

The reason we are operating this way is that a) it incentivizes Sears to resolve your issue and b) your resolution review help other consumers more than 'regular reviews' that do not tell the whole story.

It is the outcome that matters, right?