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Chaotic order tracking/Bad customer service

July 13, 2022, 9:52 p.m. by Marcio

I placed an online order at Pottery Barn around 3 months ago (order# 321063692982). Some items were backordered so I knew I would get a few things faster than others, but even so there were constant delays added to the estimates and items that got to the delivery center and just sit there for a month waiting for other items in the order before they could be scheduled for delivery. At one point I had a sofa from West Elm that was ready to be delivered and was contacted for scheduling that, and the delivery company (Ryder Last Mile) told me that they had two other items from Pottery Barn (#4384673 and #5542373) that were already in the delivery center and could also be delivered at the same day, and that's when the tracking became chaotic and unreliable. I did know one of the items was already at the delivery center as its status said, "Awaiting Other Items in Order", but I had no idea the other one was there too as its status said "In Transit from Distribution Center". Worse than that, even though both items were delivered to me on June 30 their status on the PB tracking page remains the same to this day and it seems that even the PB customer service associates have no idea that they were already delivered as one of them suggested me to schedule them to be delivered just last Friday: Agent:[7/8/22, 2:04:47 PM]It looks like the buffet is also ready, would you want to schedule that as well? User:[7/8/22, 2:06:11 PM]So, the buffet and the console table were already delivered last week. I'm not sure why this is still not reflected in the website. Agent:[7/8/22, 2:06:21 PM]Oh , weird. Agent:[7/8/22, 2:06:30 PM]I'm glad you have it! Now for the second part, the cantilever umbrella. There is one item of my order (#9193267) that has been postponed a month now, however it has been showing as "Awaiting Other Items in Order" for a while already. When I scheduled the delivery for June 30 I was told that the item was on its way to the delivery center and would likely get there before my delivery so they would also include it, however that did not happen and that's how I eventually found out that the item was practically in limbo. I reached out to PB two days before the delivered and received this answer over email: "I have reached out to the delivery center to find out what will be there by tomorrow and they have confirmed that the only thing that will be arriving tomorrow is the Cantilever Rectangular Umbrella (10ft x 6.5ft)CantileverRectangularSunbrella SoNavy" Then after inquiring again, I got this answer on July 7: "Regarding the Aluminum Rectangular Cantilever Umbrella with Base, Sunbrella® Navy (9193267) I see that this item is ready for delivery. I provided you with the delivery Hub's phone number to schedule a split delivery for this item." But then I called the delivery hub, and I was told the item was not there to be delivered it, and that's when I reached again, this time over chat, to try to understand what was going on. Over the chat I found that even the associate helping me was confused about the status of that item and had to call the delivery hub (Ryder Last Mile) himself to understand the situation. After 42 minutes waiting them to pick up the call, he was told that the umbrella apparently was there, but the base has never been shipped from the warehouse, so he asked to expedite it. Still, apart from some changes on the estimated delivery date and the page now showing that the shipping has 3 parts, it's hard to tell where it is or how long it will take to be delivered for real. Now to the last part, the fire pit. I've also been inquiring about this item (#5750250) for a while. One June 11 I was told "the Arbor Fire Pit is still in transit with an estimated arrival by 6/29", then on June 29 I was told it was still in transit and could take another two weeks. I ended up deciding to get a propane fire pit instead and asked to return/refund the fire pit as I no longer need it, however, after asking for that refund 3 times since July 6 I still don't see its status changed or have received any sort of refund. Summarizing all the frustration, I'd say that even though Pottery Barn offers high quality products, the customer service doesn't seem to match that same level of quality. I understand that there could be staffing and supply issues these days, but that doesn't justify the lack of transparency and organization for tracking the overall shipment statuses nor the lack of response when I requested the return of one of my items. I feel like have I not insistently inquired about the status of my orders they would remain stuck forever, and this includes the buffet and console table that only happened to have been delivered because I order the sofa at West Elm which also happens to be part of Williams-Sonoma. I have spent over $20k at Pottery Barn and West Elm over the past few months, and have had similar frustrating experiences with both, including a dining table that was estimated to be delivered between 11/05/2021 - 11/19/2021 and we needed that for hosting Thanksgiving last year but it kept getting delayed and got delivered a month later than expected after I persistently inquired about its status too, which means we had to improvise on Thanksgiving. All I really expect from this now is to finally have my umbrella delivered as soon as possible (it's been really needed for the sunnier days), and my fire pit refund received as well. Best, Marcio

Outrageous treatment at Troy mi store

June 2, 2022, 3:44 p.m. by Mary

Are you kidding! I have to pay you $9 to complain about how I was treated by your employee. We’re off to a bad start. I tried to redeem a reward that was mailed to me. It did not work online. I called customer service and after being on hold for 25 minutes, gave up. I went to the Troy Michigan store and presented the card and was told they couldn’t really help me and this probably wasn’t a real reward. It expired June 3, so I wanted to check it out further. Then they tell me my name isn’t on it which is true because I had removed the name and address part at the perforated edge to fit it in my wallet. Then they suggest that the reward is not even mine and probably was my neighbors!! I assured them I was not in the habit of intercepting my neighbors mail and taking her reward cards! I asked for the manager and she said she was the manager. Finally at my request she typed in the # under the barcode and said indeed it matched my card and I did have $100 reward. She could have just done that in the first place before telling me this was not a real reward card and that I had gotten my neighbors mail. Seriously! I told her I did not like her attitude and she said she didn’t like mine and that she would not ring up the sheets I was trying to buy and walked away. So I stood there looking around and another sales person came up and I told her I was going to use a reward card and that it was valid and she said, I KNOW! This caused the other customers at the counter to stare at me. I know it is hard to get good help but really, this is totally inexcusable. If u checked my account over the last ten years u would see I have spent thousands of dollars at pottery barn. I am a very loyal customer. I no longer am a customer.

Incomplete Delivery

May 27, 2022, 4:16 p.m. by Shanda

I’m writing to discuss the frustration and confusion regarding my Pottery Barn order that was placed in October of 2021. After placing a $10,000 order in October, I was told that my couch and swivel chair would be delivered in February. In February, I received an email with a new arrival date of March. This continued each month until May when I was told my furniture was ready for delivery. I set up the delivery date for Wednesday, May 11. In order to make room for the delivery, we sold my old couch the day before delivery to make room for our new furniture. I received multiple texts and emails confirming this delivery. In addition to this, I took a vacation day from work to ensure I would be at the house for the delivery. I stayed at my house all day waiting and by the early afternoon I still had no call or delivery so I called customer service. Over the next few hours I talked to multiple people about my order, some who said the delivery would still be there and others who said that the delivery had been cancelled. The order was never delivered and I was told that 2 of the 5 pieces of my couch were not ready for delivery. This was extremely frustrating because as previously stated, not only did I sell my couch leaving me with no furniture in my living room, but I also wasted an entire day of vacation time from work. After multiple calls and emails, I was told that the other pieces of the couch were located and that I should reschedule my delivery. After hearing this, I called and rescheduled my delivery for May 18. We sat on the floor for a week in anticipation for the couch to arrive. I was forced to take another vacation day so that I could be available for the delivery. When the delivery truck arrived, they had 3 of the 5 pieces of my couch. When I called the week prior to schedule this second delivery, I asked them to verify that all 5 pieces were there since I was told that was the reason my first delivery was cancelled. I was assured that all 5 pieces were there. The delivery driver called Pottery Barn as did I and, similar to the week prior, nobody had any answers as to where the other pieces were. I drove back to work to try to recover some of the vacation hours I had to take and within an hour of getting to work, I got a text saying my delivery was on the way. This made no sense to me since I had just gotten the delivery a few hours before. I drove back home and a delivery was waiting with 1 piece of my couch. He did not know why these were delivered in 2 different trucks at 2 different times and he did not have the last piece of the couch. My emails and phone calls continued again after this. I was told that a dock search would be started and that I would be contacted in a few business days. Per usual, nobody ever called me back. I sent an email asking to talk to an executive and I was told that my case would be forwarded to an executive and that I’d hear back in 2-3 business days. Again, this did not happen. I’m now sitting on hold again trying to get some answers. This has been a complete nightmare and has caused me to lose money from lost vacation days, tons of time spent with emails and phone calls, and one of the worst experiences I’ve had with a business. If the rest of my couch arrives, I will have to use another vacation day, bringing me up to 3 lost days. I would appreciate it if somebody from the executive office could contact me regarding these issues. Sincerely, Shanda DiAntonio 505-350-3227

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