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Pottery Barn dining chairs

Dec. 1, 2022, 4:05 p.m. by Cynthia

I purchased seven chairs, and Pottery Barn sent 14. The chairs were too small for my dining table. I have spent 4 hours with multiple customer service representatives who promised to call me back- never did. I also contacted PayPal as one set of seven chairs was charged to my checking account. Pottery Barn is not cooperating. I was refunded for seven chairs, and not the other seven at $1047.00 Below is the email with UPS return labels Pottery Barn Return Labels | Return W229735819 Inbox CBLeadershipCustomerService@wsgc.com Attachments Tue, October 25, 12:38 PM to me Hello, Cynthia Kivland. A courtesy UPS pickup has been scheduled for October 26. Please have the package(s) outside and ready for pickup before 9 am. You will need to print the attached UPS label(s) and secure to the package(s) prior to the UPS pickup date/time. Please remove or cross out any previous labels. If you have any questions, please contact customer service at 800-922-9934. Thank you. *Please do not reply to this message as this mailbox is not monitored* PayPay payment withdrawn from checking account Pottery Barn October 16.Automatic Payment - $1,047.93 You reported a problem with this transaction. See the status of your case in the Resolution Center. Paid with (HOME STATE BANK NATL ASSOC x-9006)$1,047.93 on October 13, 2022 Your backup is VISA x-7373 Ship to Cynthia Kivland 7416 Birch Tree Dr Eagle River, WI 54521 United States Manage Pottery Barn payments Transaction ID 8N62521330619694L Seller info Pottery Barn 888-779-5176 customerservice@potterybarn.com Invoice ID 02061943322772873558~1047.93 Purchase details Purchase amount $1,052.90 Total$1,047.93

Poor Quality

Nov. 23, 2022, 2:55 p.m. by Paula

I ordered 2 custom engraved little dog house ornaments. I received them yesterday. I was absolutely floored with what I received. The were badly scratched and came in a chintzy smashed box that said "made in China". I cant even wrap these and give them as gifts in these boxes, I would be embarrassed. In addition they are cheap looking. I am not sure if they are plastic or a cheap metal. The name engraving was also very very hard to see. Wow, I never expected such poor quality from Pottery Barn, especially with the price I paid. Pottery Barn could have at least gone thru the trouble of putting them in a nice little Pottery Barn Box rather then announcing that are they are a cheap piece of junk from China with the box. Pottery barn does not even have a place where I can rate them like every other business. Definitely 1 star. I would love to post the pictures so other customers can see this. You can bet I will post this on every rating site I find. And you have the nerve to charge me to file a complaint? absolutely unbelievable. FYI, the customer service rep I spoke to about this was extremely nice, apologetic and helpful. At least you are doing something right. She will replace them, no refund offered. Even through I am sorely disappointed, my gifts have to go ASAP and I will not have time to order another custom engraved piece from another vendor and get them out in time. Lets just hope these next ones are a least not scratched.

Customer service is horrendous.

Nov. 14, 2022, 3:55 p.m. by Meghan

On November 3rd I had a Pottery Barn couch delivered, order number 322622220976. The couch arrived dirty and stained in multiple spots. I discussed the condition of the couch with the gentlemen who delivered it and they informed me that customer service would be in touch. Shortly after the delivery a Pottery Barn customer service representative called me. She informed me that they would arrange a furniture medic to come clean the couch. She explained the third party company would be in touch within 48 business hours. On Monday evening November 7th I had not heard anything so reached out once again to customer service. I reach out via email because I’ve had so many substantial issues with Pottery Barn in the course of furnishing my house I want everything documented in writing. On Tuesday they responded and explained that the request had never been made by the previous employee to dispatch a furniture medic. They requested pictures of the issue which I sent on Wednesday November 8th. I followed up on Friday the 10th as I still have a dirty sitting in my living room and I have not so much as received a response regarding it. I heard nothing back. I finally followed up again November 13th and was told they could order me a new couch to be delivered while I waited to hear from the furniture medic. The following day after being bounced around from 4 different reps asking if I wanted to order a new couch until I finally agree with the stipulation that someone come out and try to fix the first one, I’m told a supervisor said this can’t be done. It’s like a terrible joke. I had a significant issue with Pottery Barn last month after being given inaccurate information which resulted in a 5 week delay in refunding an expensive piece of furniture. I was forced to pay for this as not to accrue interest on an item I did not receive. Their customer service is incompetent and deplorable. I have talked to so many different people none of which give the same information, none of which know what they’re talking with and absolutely none of which resolve the issue. There is no accountability, I’m honestly embarrassed for them. It’s been the most frustrating process thinking something is on its way to being resolved only to be told weeks later oh ya that was never done. My biggest regret is ordering anything from them, I certainly won’t put myself through the headache of dealing with them again.

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