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May 17, 2023, 10:19 a.m.

My huband and I booked an Airbnb in Tucson AZ for the month of January 2023. On November 23 2022 my husband was hopitalized, and airlifted from a hospital in Minnesota to Fargo ND. It was the only place that had a bed, and could handle his illness. He had contracted Sepsis, and had a Liver abcess. His chances of survival were very slim. During all of this, I made the mistake of calling our host in Tucson. I should have messaged her because of course there is no record of this conversation! I explained our situation, and that I knew we were out of the cancellation/reimbursment window but was there any way that we could recoup our money given the extreme situation. I was told that I could cancel, and if any of the dates ended up being book, she would reimburse us for those days. ( Of course none of this was in writing.) I proceeded to check the listing on a number of occasions, and by January 11, the dates were all booked. I then contacted the host by message wanting to start the reimbursement process. The message I received back was "contact airbnb"???? She told airbnb the dates were not booked, and that she would not reimburse us our $4679.13. I feel like I was scammed by the host,and taken advantage of during the most tramatic time in our lives. I contacted airbnb numerous times, and was given the run around. It wasn't until my husband ( yes he somehow survived, and was released from the hospital on January26) contacted No No, that we ended up receiving $449.13 from airbnb as a courtesy. While we thank airbnb for the $449.13, it does not cover the money that we lost on the Tucson booking. I would think that airbnb would have shown a little more integrity in dealing with us in this situation. I also pointed out to airbnb that my children and I spent $7000.00 on airbnbs while we were staying in Fargo to be with our husband/dad. It didn't seem to make a difference to them.... My husband is still recovering, but when he is able to travel again, we will be using vrbo from now on!

Paypal Latest Complaints

Paypal friends and family transfer withdrawn, although the evident scam

June 13, 2022, 4:22 a.m. by Amine

Hi. It was my first worst experience with Paypal. I have a limited knowledge into Paypal. Story about UEFA tickets: I put an ad in Facebook to sell tickets for UEFA Champions League final match on the 28 May 2022 at 9PM in Paris. I was contacted by the guy Pablo Andres Rincon in Facebook on the day of the game around 2am. We exchanged messages and I asked him for 5000usd for two tickets. We connected (became friends) in Facebook (I hope that FB can confirm this information). In the afternoon we agreed on 4000 euros price ( he suggested to give me 1800 euros cash and the remaining through Paypal). We met in front of the stadium around 7PM local time. I have the discussion in WhatsApp where we were sharing our respective locations before the game. (He has an American number +1 203 952 1758) I was a bit nervous because using PayPal for this kind of transfer first time, and I didn't trust the guy to take money (banknotes) from him as he said he has it in 20 euros, meaning a lot of bank notes. I hesitated then I asked him to make a full transfer of 4000 then he happily agreed. Then I asked him to give me 550 in banknotes and send the remaining 3450 by Paypal as I trusted more Paypal to protect me against any fraud. I gave him my email and asked him to give me the time to read about options that Paypal offers, I heard People talking about the difference between the kind of transfers ( family and friends) and ( goods and services) and what I understood is that he cannot cancel back Family and friends type transfer , as we were in front of the stadium, and with mobile tickets and the NFC technology (it is not a paper ticket that can be counterfeited). Then he made the transfer without advising me. I insisted on him that I had to see what he did before doing this. He then showed me the Paypal app showing that it says it is a gift, and that this is finalized and that he had to pay something around 104 US$ if am not wrong for it. I then asked him to show me how he did it, he transferred 1US dollar, that I received as 0.89 euros, and again he was insisting on that it is labeled (gift) so, it is not a transaction that he can cancel. I trusted him, because it is Paypal , then he sent me the address email where to transfer tickets for him through UEFA app. I did it happily and I have screenshots for this. And a video of the UEFA app showing he received it. Then we took some pictures with him and his friend and he left to enter the stadium. Few hours after the game, there was a story published in Facebook by him showing he was inside the stadium. All seemed to be ok, I even checked on the balance on Monday to be assured that everything was fine until I received your email on Thursday. I went to check on him in Facebook, then I found out that he unfriended/blocked me. What I can ask/provide to convince you that am a genuine person? At least I feel better that he said he received fake tickets not that (he didn’t receive anything): Why this guy didn’t contact me immediately never to complain about the tickets? He has my phone number and my Facebook account. Why he didn’t it contact Paypal the same day ( he had data and was posting in Facebook in the same time). · I have the video of the WhatsApp discussion and with the email that he shared with me to send him the mobile tickers. I have the screenshot that comes with the time, but also the pictures that we took few seconds later when it was all done. · I have a video record from UEFA App. I can give you the access to the UEFA app (login and password), where you can see the history of the transfers and that even you cannot open the same account in the app into 2 different devices. Why this guy unfriended me, I can prove this as well. I can provide you with credentials for my Facebook account where you can see that we were connected but that now you cannot access his page ( he blocked me). · We heard a lot about fake tickets for this game in the media, but it was mainly for LFC fans holding paper tickets (at least this is what I saw in the media), scammers weren’t using the mobile tickets ( NFC technology, please read about it ( Please read the article here: You can read in the 7th paragraph (She pointed out that Liverpool requested UEFA to issue paper tickets, instead of e-tickets on mobile apps that were “tamper-proof, non-transferable tickets.”) Why he didn’t think about cancelling the 2nd transfer (although less than 1 euro). Why it took him few days to inform Paypal about it? I can provide you with all details you need. I wish justice will be done here. I don’t know what this guy can say except saying that it was fake. I have another screenshot from UEFA official website showing that the tickets were in the phone of Pablo Rincon (again I can provide access/ password to the session to prove that am saying the truth)

Paypal complaint statistics

  • 4 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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