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Sept. 13, 2018, 10:37 a.m. by Diane

We purchased a new Nissan Versa (2017) 10 months ago. We were not looking for a new car, but the finance agent at the dealership gave us all these reasons why a new more expensive car would be better for us in the long run since my husband does so much driving for work. This agent convinced us that should we have any issues, our insurance company along with the gap insurance (which we did purchase under his recommendation) would cover the lien. Well, here we are 10 months in and our car depreciated over 50% only covering less than half of our lien (lie #1). We are still trying to submit a gap insurance claim 8 days later. There is no info on who the gap provider is or who to call when we need it. They told us that in the state of NY the gap provider will not talk directly to the consumer and has to go through Nissan (which i later found out from everyone is a crock!) We have been trying to cancel our maintenance contract and our limited warranty for reimbursement but that has been totally impossible with the run around we have gotten for the last 8 days. We later realized that were charges of up to 2500 added to our sale which were totally bogus charges. 8 days,, countless phone calls to their so called consumers affairs department and no one is helping us get this done. They just keep delaying it over and over again so they wont pay up. They do not give you the information of these policies or policy numbers to process these claims so you are left twiddling your thumbs and not getting anything done to process your total loss claims. When you do get someone on the phone, they sweet talk you send you an email and ask questions for info you were never given, then tell you that they charge you even more fees for cancellations of these policies! its absolutely a scam! Here is is we almost died in an accident that was no where near our fault (the town neglected to reinstall a stop sign from ma previous accident, regardless the insurance companies found fault in the other driver) and as if that was not enough trauma for us to deal with, now we are day 9 of this nightmare of trying to file claims to get what we dam well paid for! Nissan is all money hungry and does not care about the consumer unless they see dollar signs. do yourself a favor and avoid Nissan at all costs! they are a bunch of crooks!

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