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Dishwasher debacle needs attention immediately

Dec. 3, 2022, 5 p.m. by Jeff

I bought a dishwasher from Lowes 4880 N Nevada Avenue Colorado Springs Colorado 80918. Invoice number 87583. Date of purchase 11-01-22 Transaction number 34336606 It was delivered 11-08-22 The first time I used it - the dishwasher leaked and damaged the laminated flooring. The base of the flooring was rippled from having water sit on it. I was unable to get under the dishwasher to dry out the floor. I called Lowes and a repair team came out and said they could not find the leak. They turned on the short cycle and they found nothing. I explained that I used the full cycle and was unaware it was leaking until the cycle had completed and I went to empty the dishwasher. At that time I could see the water flowing over the lip of the flooring and onto the floor. There was no way of cleaning up the water on the floor without moving the dishwasher which i was unable to do myself . Therefore the water sat there damaging the floor. Another team of repair men were called to come out. They decided not to run the dishwasher and flood the floor again. They told me this was a common problem with this machine and two others by the same manufacturer. They would order me a new machine. I stated I did not want another dishwasher from this company. I requested a refund. I called several times to ask the appliance department what my options were. While calling several times and waiting on hold for 15-20 minutes only to have them say they couldn’t help me with my issue and they would get someone else who could help. The next person in line was unable to do anything except pick up the dishwasher and refund my money. I bought this dishwasher November 1st. It is December 3rd. A team of movers from Lowes arrived here one half hour ago to pick up the dishwasher. No notice-nothing. I let them in happy to have something happening with this issue. They looked at the dishwasher and said it was not unhooked and could not be removed until it was unhooked. They left. I called Lowes again and they said they had no record of the pick up. I said do you have a record of the dishwasher being picked up December 8th? Do you know that they will be able to unhook it and take it away? The answer was NO. WE DO NOT HAVE THE PICK UP ORDER OR THE ORDER TO HAVE IT UNHOOKED. This entire time I am without a dishwasher, the kitchen has flooded twice, and I have Thanksgiving at my house. I PAID $1,522.00 November 1st. With the understanding that I would have my new dishwasher November 8th. Every time I call I am on the phone with a person who has no idea what my issue is, can’t find the paperwork or any other documentation related to any repairs or is unable to find who is in charge of the repairs or paperwork concerning this purchase at all. They can’t find my phone number. I ve never spoken to anyone a second time. It is always someone new who can’t find any information about the situation. They can see I paid for the dishwasher and that’s it. I have been a good customer for many years and nothing like this has ever happened before. I can’t see me continuing to be a loyal customer with this kind of service. I am disappointed and frustrated with this situation. I had come to depend on Lowes for my appliances and household repair materials. This incident has caused me to have misgivings about continuing to do business with you. If you could look into this matter and find some one to see to the resolution of this situation I’d really appreciate it and my trust in your company would be restored. I am a senior citizen and we often exchange information for with our friends. We have never heard of a poor service from Lowes from any of our friends. Sincerely, Jeff Andrade Sr.

damaged refrigerator

Dec. 3, 2022, 3 p.m. by tammy

On wed Nov 30th I was at your lowes location store #2940 Eugene OR. My daughter and I was purchasing a Samsung refrigerator it was on sale according to the sales man his associate #2392888. His name is Chris. last day of the sale. I paid 1899.00 + 144.97 for the 3 year warranty. The associate Chris who was working the appliance area. I believe and feel he is the reason I took my refrigerator that night! when I should have had it delivered. anyway. The refrigerator I wanted had a clearing depth of 293/8 if the doors of the refrigerator can be removed! the refrigerator would fit fine into my door way to come threw into the kitchen. I told this to the associate he said his workers are not (Thechs) they do not take the doors off the refrigerator to get it into my house. so I asked him "then what should I do"? I would like that refrigerator. he said ( buy a smaller one.! ) the refrigerator I have in my home is the same size as the one I was gonna buy. So I asked him then why should I have it delivered if you are not gonna help me put it into my house. he said ill sell you the refrigerator you can take it if with you. So I bought the refrigerator and no reason to have it delivered. The associates workers weren't not gonna help me put it into my house. The associate a male & female used a machine to put the refrigerator into the back of my truck. after it was in they climbed into the back of truck pushing it to the back near the cab. I asked them about strapping it securely with some straps. while they where climbing back out of the truck. They told me go ahead put straps on it. and walked away. So im seriously puzzled & confused. why they actually didn't take the time to make sure this 350 pound large item wasn't securely put in my truck before walking away from us. I put a strap I had around the fridge box. I have never bought a large appliance item like this before and taking it with me. So my 13 year old daughter and I drove very slowly. I was doing about 50 on the hwy. I was almost going to get off the freeway when I felt my truck front lift off the ground like I had hit something. shaking about that feeling. I looked out my review mirror and the refrigerator had what it appeared to have flipped out the back of the truck into the hwy. I immediately pulled over. frightened in complete shock. My refrigerator was laying in the middle of the hwy. I was so afraid someone was gonna hit it and crash. I was gonna go pull it off the side of the hwy. but I was afraid of getting hit myself. It was about 6:20pm it was dark. Not knowing what to do. I called 911 crying hysterically my $2,000 refrigerator is laying in the middle of the hwy. While I was on the phone with 911 my 13 year old daughter and I watching the cars come close to hitting the refrigerator. about 15 minutes or so while still on the phone with 911. a semi truck came and tried to swerve but hit the large box. I think the fridge probably would have been fine. but the semi truck destroyed the back of the box and fridge. I was so in distraught and freaking out. I thank god he didn't crash. I have attached pictures of the receipts and the destroyed refrigerator. and the police reports. I feel I was done wrong from these associates and the attitude that I got from the moment we walked into that store. everything about the situation was wrong. I believe if the associate would have been a lil more corporative about the refrigerator I wanted. I would have just had it delivered. I'm not looking for someone to give me a refrigerator. I would just like the destroyed refrigerator to be reimbursed. And I do not know what the truckers rights are on hitting my refrigerator. nor mine. I went into the store and had to buy another refrigerator exactly the same one! because it would have been off sale the next day. I tried talking to the store associate the same guy Chris. they said there was nothing they could do. im crying emotionally in distraught. Couldn't even think straight. The associate called me back that evening said he talked to the store manager they are gonna give me 250 back on credit card. I was not able to retrieve the call so they left a message on my voicemail saying this. I just spent about 4,000 on 2 refrigerators. One that will be delivered this time. and one that is sitting at ODOT! I feel that is no where near what I should have gotten. If they want the old fridge it is sitting at ODOT as they came and picked it up. I do not want to go contacting attorneys or anyone else. I am just asking for your company Lowes to cover my refrigerator that was destroyed and anything that may come about with the trucker. Your web page says. ** Customers: Lowe’s aims to serve customers, not only by providing excellent products, but also to safeguard their human rights. I feel this was not safeguarding my human rights. at all by. especially not making sure that. That refrigerator was securely on my truck before i pulled away. because of the associates behavior that evening made me feel like there was no help on getting the refrigerator into my home. he was rude and non corporative. Please let me know if i have contacted the right place or who i should contact. thank you for your time on this matter I hope this can be solved quietly and non stressful. My 13 year old daughter and I are very divested. And my child had to go threw that as well. I was an emotional wreck that night. I felt completely wronged. pictures and police reports can be provided.

Washing Machine

Dec. 3, 2022, 1:05 p.m. by Vivian

Bought washer & dryer, 8/31/22. Scheduled delivery, No show from Lowe’s. Rescheduled, delivered wrong washer. I called, suppose to receive call back, I went to store, Cy, AM, reviewed info, scheduled me for delivery/exchange 9/17, received auto confirmation. No show. I called 9/18 was told happening a lot, some one will call you.No call. 9/22 I called, Sam AM, offered me another model, as mine was no longer in stock. I went to store, spoke to Jaynae, they did not have that model either, so she offered upgrade. Ok scheduled delivery/pickup 9/24 & 9/25. Gave her my credit card info w security code to complete exchange & warranty for new set. Was assured they would absolutely ensure that I was taken cate of this time. Received auto confirmation. No show on both days. No call from anyone. 9/26 I went back to store, they had no idea what happened & could only offer to reschedule. I decided I preferred to stay w original washer, I asked to just wait for back order. Date scheduled was 10/7, I would receive a call to schedule delivery. Did not happen. I called 10/17, scheduled delivery 10/23. Received auto confirmation, 8am to 12pm I received delivery @ 3:40, after I called. This made a total of 24 hours I had spent waiting on Lowe’s. I had made several trips to store, tried to speak w Mgr, told no one has his number(?), tried to speak to Asst Mgrs but told they were not available, called Lowe’s customer service, filed compliant(s) but apparently these just go back to the New Braunfels store & they ‘close them out’. Last call to inquire on status of my complaint (#06454188) was 10/31, Arrianna informed me I had been given an undisclosed discount, & I should just wait for the refund. Has not happened. I emailed Lowe’s Customer Service 10/23/22 & received no response to date, 12/3/22.

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