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Overcharging my credit card

Aug. 14, 2018, 7:24 a.m. by Frances

Three months ago I signed to Lexington law to repair my credit the next month after I signed my son using the same credit card his bill for the first time supposed to be in 1995 that's the only approval I made and allowed them to make but every month after they've been charging my credit card and the price of 2495 now before contacting you guys I reached out to Lexington Law over three times they reimburse me 1995 which was told to me it was just because they overcharged me and late fee my bill is roughly around 1 19 a month, I have a charge on my credit card which was made yesterday for the amount of 2495 and as well of last month for the amount of 2495 I feel like at this point contacting the offices is just going to aggravate and assault me even more because I don't appreciate after I contacted them about this over and over approximately three to four times and yet again it's still happen, I feel like I'm getting robbed to a point because I trust these people with my credit problems and they robbing me for my money basically I don't care for what bill that I didn't agree to it's not my bill What charges has been made that I did not agree to at this point apologies would not be acceptable just for them not charges note that upon I contacted Lexington law to inform them that I reported my card and lost and that i will be contacting the Better Business Bureau if current charges apply so then so it was and am how am I still seeing charges, all charges other than what I agreed upon!

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