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Kohl's complaint statistics

  • 28 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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May 17, 2023, 10:19 a.m.

My huband and I booked an Airbnb in Tucson AZ for the month of January 2023. On November 23 2022 my husband was hopitalized, and airlifted from a hospital in Minnesota to Fargo ND. It was the only place that had a bed, and could handle his illness. He had contracted Sepsis, and had a Liver abcess. His chances of survival were very slim. During all of this, I made the mistake of calling our host in Tucson. I should have messaged her because of course there is no record of this conversation! I explained our situation, and that I knew we were out of the cancellation/reimbursment window but was there any way that we could recoup our money given the extreme situation. I was told that I could cancel, and if any of the dates ended up being book, she would reimburse us for those days. ( Of course none of this was in writing.) I proceeded to check the listing on a number of occasions, and by January 11, the dates were all booked. I then contacted the host by message wanting to start the reimbursement process. The message I received back was "contact airbnb"???? She told airbnb the dates were not booked, and that she would not reimburse us our $4679.13. I feel like I was scammed by the host,and taken advantage of during the most tramatic time in our lives. I contacted airbnb numerous times, and was given the run around. It wasn't until my husband ( yes he somehow survived, and was released from the hospital on January26) contacted No No No.com, that we ended up receiving $449.13 from airbnb as a courtesy. While we thank airbnb for the $449.13, it does not cover the money that we lost on the Tucson booking. I would think that airbnb would have shown a little more integrity in dealing with us in this situation. I also pointed out to airbnb that my children and I spent $7000.00 on airbnbs while we were staying in Fargo to be with our husband/dad. It didn't seem to make a difference to them.... My husband is still recovering, but when he is able to travel again, we will be using vrbo from now on!

Kohl's Latest Complaints

Carri supervisor that should not be in any kind of customer care

Feb. 13, 2023, 6:50 p.m. by Elaine

My sister and I went into khols at the Kansas City kansas legends location. Carri the supervisor or manager, was called over to my sisters register where she’s was checking out and asked about a price of a sale item and this gal was rude and aggressive and it was no longer about the sale price as my sister was embarrassed from the way the employee (Carri) from khols was talking and acting in front of other employees and customers. Including rolling her eyes after my sister spoke. I was mortified and so disappointed in this khols location especially as I was not sure in what position this Carri was, but obviously should not have been in any capacity working with customers. I had to say “Hey you need to stop being aggressive and rude please it is just not necessary and my sister holds a charge card of over 25 years probably higher then your income and is only being sweet and asked a question that is all. I am the younger sister but this gal was not a kind human at all. My sister not I will ever step foot in this location again. Khols lost a huge sale as I drove to rally house for superbowl merchandise today and khols wasn’t a thought to me. My sister is from Iowa and she loves her khols and hates mine. That’s nice all because of the rudeness of Carri and she is the only one at this location that spells her name with an i on the end. “ Carri” Khols Store 10730 parallel parkway, Kansas City, KS 66109

Kohls charged me twice and won’t pay me back and I have proof

Jan. 20, 2023, 10:45 p.m. by Matina

When I went to go pay for my Kohls purchase, on 1/18/23 in Tustin, CA, I swiped my debit card and was told by the cashier that I needed to use my Kohl’s card if I wanted the 30% discount. The cashier told me to hold on a second and then said it was ok for me to swipe my kohls card so I swiped my Kohl’s card and completed my purchase and left. However yesterday, on 1/19/23 I logged into my bank account and I had a kohls charge for the same $ amount and on the same day and since I remember the incident with my debit card and what the cashier said to me I made sure to double check my receipt to confirm which card was used and it shows my kohls card was used as payment but since I had first swiped my debit card, I was double charged. My receipt shows my purchase was paid for with my kohls credit card. So I was charged twice for the same amount on the same day. I didn’t go to kohls twice on 1/18 nor did I spent the exact dollar amount twice at kohls so I called kohls in Tustin for help and I spoke to a mgr who said her name was Kathy. Kathy said she would look into it and ensured she would call me back by 5:30pm. At 6:30 PM, I called to follow up and was told Kathy had gone home for the day. So I asked for the mgr on duty and spoke to an extremely rude and condescending lady who said she was the mgr. She said her name was Mindy. Mindy is by far the rudest person. I’ve ever had the displeasure of speaking to in years. She was rude from the start. I don’t know if she was having a bad day or what was going on, but she certainly took it out on me . She wouldn’t allow me to explain before cutting me off over and over again, but eventually I was able to tell her I needed her to look at the cameras so she can confirm that I was not there twice if it was needed but the fact is I was charged twice and I was willing to prove it. I offered to come in with the receipt and a copy of my bank statement that shows it was debited from my account and wasn’t just pending, I even offered to call my bank directly so that she could talk to them and they could confirm that it was debited from my bank account but Sadly instead of being professional or helpful, Mindy was rude and continued to raise her voice at me saying that was impossible. I tried to explain that I’m the customer, I’m not a cashier, so I don’t know what exactly happened, all I know is that I was charged twice and I can prove it and needed help to ensure I’m reimbursed for the money that was taken out of my bank since I used my kohls credit card to purchase. I still wasn’t able to get her to understand and Mindy did nothing. Now I’m following up via this complaint. I will also follow up with the BBB and will be closing my Kohl’s account.

Kohl's complaint statistics

  • 28 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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