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Intuit has become an unreliable software provider

April 3, 2020, 12:46 p.m. by Steven

I have been an Intuit customer for decades -- both QuickBooks and TurboTax. In past years, Intuit has been a reliable software provider for both my company and my personal accounting. This is no longer the case. This year, I have had nothing but problems with Intuit's products. Twice, QuickBooks Pro 2019 has developed serious performance problems. For example, after launching QB Pro today, it took more than an HOUR for the software to load and be ready to handle business accounting entries. Earlier this year, I had a similar problem. The first time this happened, I spent more than EIGHT HOURS on the phone with Intuit tech support. This occurred the first time I tried to use the software after an automated software update. It seemed pretty clear that the update was the cause of the problem. In the end, Intuit recommended uninstalling and reinstalling QB Pro. In total, I was unable to use QB Pro for more than 10 hours. That means that 10 hours of my time were wasted. Today, when the problem recurred, I tried uninstalling QB Pro. The uninstall hung in the same place (almost completely done) for more than ONE HOUR. I logged onto Intuit's website and engaged in a chat with one of their employees. I explained the recent history of problems, that this was now a recurring problem, and I asked to be put in contact with someone from their escalation team. This is the response I got: "At this time, we are not offering phone support options due to staffing. We apologize for any inconvenience and are doing our best to solve for mission critical issues for you." Now, I understand that we are in unusual times. Reasonably operated businesses have business continuity plans which enable many of their employees to operate from home. Intuit's tech support team certainly could be operating from home. If Intuit has not put a reasonable business continuity plan in place, then they do not deserve your business. If Intuit has a reasonable business continuity plan in place, then they should be able to provide tech support from home. It really is that simple. Apparently, Intuit thinks it is an "inconvenience" to place their customers -- people like me -- in a position where we cannot operate our businesses under these circumstances because (1) their software has problems, (2) their quality assurance processes allow defective software to reach their customers, and (3) they cannot provide telephone support to their customers. I do not see this an "inconvenience" to my business. It is potentially crippling -- something which could result in a domino effect which harms some of Intuit's customers. This is simply unacceptable. Intuit's problems this year have not been limited to QuickBooks. I have experienced severe problems with two of their TurboTax products -- one for business, the other for my personal tax returns. Both had problems installing after purchase. Intuit escalated my problems to the "office of the president" which was ineffective in resolving the problems. it is now April 3. My corporate income tax returns were due March 15. As of March 31, I could not file these because Intuit was waiting to update the software to include the from to report a change of address of my business. Really? Is it acceptable for a major software provider to delay the filing of any corporation's tax returns because they have not implemented a form to report a change of address? The failures of Intuit -- both their QB and TurboTax products -- so frequently during a period of three months should be considered by current and potential customers. Do you really want to do business with a software provider whose product and support have gone from very reliable to unreliable?

New customers should avoid moving to QuickBooks and TurboTax until Intuit gets its act together.

Feb. 24, 2020, 10:39 a.m. by Steven

I have been using Intuit's TurboTax products for decades. In the past it has been quire reliable. This year's products have not been. I have had recurring problems with both TurboTax for Business and TurboTax for Home and Business. 1. I purchased both through Amazon which provided me with downloads and license codes. I had problems installing both products. I *wasted* nearly 8 hours on the phone with incompetent Intuit tech support staff. One product "hung" during the installation process. I could not complete the installation. I could not restart the installation (because it thought it had been installed). Worst of all, I could not UNinstall the partially installed programs. Neither could Intuit which escalated my issue all the way up to the "Office of the President" which was very polite and as useless as a tit on a bull. In addition to wasting my time, my tax returns and those of others were delayed more than a week due to inadequate quality control and lack of decent tech support at Intuit. 2. I had a similar problem with an update to their QuickBooks Pro 2019 product. Apparently the lack of quality control on new releases at Intuit has gone to hell. 3. Eventually I was able to install and start my business tax return. I could not file it two weeks ago because Intuit was waiting for the IRA to release a form update. I returned from vacation this weekend and opened the problem. There was an update. After the update, I was required to reenter the license code which I needed to look up. This sort of inconvenience when an update is processed is a waste of my time. Once again, Intuit seems to have no ability to deliver customer-friendly code and updates.

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