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  • Resolution rating 3.5 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 40%

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IKEA USA Latest Complaints

Sofa return, worst service

Sept. 21, 2022, 6:52 a.m. by Polina

I am moving into a new apartment and ordered a sofa from IKEA. It came with many other items in boxes, so only after receiving all the furniture, I called a man to assemble it. The couch was assembled, as it turned out, it did not come in the same color as I ordered, I could only notice it after assembly. I paid $580 for the assembly of the sofa. I called IKEA and asked to exchange the sofa, to which I was told that I would have to take the sofa myself to the nearest store. I don't have a car or the physical ability to take the couch, so since I wasn't given any other options, I agreed. For this I was offered a $20 gift card as compensation for sending the wrong item. A couple of days later I decided that the sofa sent to me by mistake did not fit the style of the apartment, and I called IKEA again to make the return. At first they refused me, referring to the gift card I had received, but I managed to get a refund. They stipulated that I have to take the couch apart and put it outside the door for them to pick it up. I did as I was asked and a pick up day was scheduled, however I asked that the courier not arrive until 4pm as I would not be home, or at least give a few hours notice before his visit. On the appointed day, the courier arrived in the early morning, when I was at university and couldn't answer the phone, but I texted him to see if he had picked up the couch, but didn't get a response. When I returned home, I saw that the couch was still standing in the hallway. Two days later, I get a call from my building office saying that the sofa should be removed immediately from the hallway or it will be thrown in the trash by the administration. I call IKEA, I explain the situation and ask to schedule a pick up day as soon as possible, I get dropped. I call again, explaining the problem for the hundredth time. The employee of customer service justified the unsuccessful attempt of picking up the sofa last time by the fact that I was not at home and could not meet the courier, saying that I had to be at home to sign the documents. I get an appointment for pick up day too late, but I make an agreement with my building office to keep the couch from being touched until the new date. I confirm the pick up with IKEA. In the end, on the appointed day, I don't get a single message or notice that the couch is due for pickup. I purposely stay home all day to meet the courier, as IKEA has stiffly insisted on it. I call IKEA to make sure the courier is definitely coming, to which I am told that he will definitely come, and that he is just most likely delayed. In the end, until the end of the day no one wrote, did not call and did not come, and the couch was left to stand in the hallway. Most likely tomorrow the administration of my building will throw it in the trash, but I still demand a refund for the originally wrong couch that was delivered to me, as well as moral compensation for the two missed scheduled days of pick up, my efforts to take the couch apart in time and the assembly of the wrong couch that was sent to me from the beginning. I can attach the check for the assembly of the sofa as a separate document if needed.

Broken Item not in stock with no update and I am left with out a pair of bookshelves.

Feb. 10, 2021, 12:38 p.m. by Brandi Anna-Liza

I ordered a pair of bookshelves on Ikea website on January 16th 2021 order #374128576. My order arrived at our home February 2nd 2021. One of he bookshelves was broken. I could tell it was broken because as I was moving the box inside the house I could hear the glass inside falling with every move. When I got the box to the room I saw a foot print on the box. It appeared that someone from the delivery had stepped on the box (there were no fragile stickers on the boxes). They should have had stickers on there since both bookshelves had glass doors. I called Ikea same day of delivery to let them know that one of the bookshelves was broken. I was told that a refund would be processed for that one bookshelf and that I could order another one to be delivered. Case number 567 671 77. The rep that day could not order the replacement bookshelf because it was out of stock, and there was no sign of when the book case would be back in stock. Now here it is Feb 10th and the bookshelf is still not in stock. Ikea has no way to remedy this issue. I have asked to refund me all my money and take back the other book shelf, however they now are saying they don't pick up items because of the pandemic and I have no way to get this book shelf to the Ikea because I don't have a truck and the Ikea is not in my city but the next city over. The Ikea reps I have spoken to today 2/10/2021 refuse to give me a supervisor to talk to about the situation. Its like this company and their representatives do not want to provide customer service. If this does not get remedied I have no future plans to purchase from this company again, and I will be sure to share my experience with others.

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