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(650) 326-3000


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Houzz complaint statistics

  • 82 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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Deceitful sales practice

Jan. 12, 2023, 6:15 a.m. by David

ON AROUND NOV 8 I SIGNED UP WITH HOUZZ FOR A 30 DAYS TRIAL. I was contacted by a sales rep name Victoria Lurye. She convinced me that Houzz was a great fit for us and that we should move forward. I told her I like to get my feet wet with the free trial. She said if I was unhappy we can cancel. She also said that we would be receiving free leads from customers who are at the higher end tier of customers because of HOUZZ reputation. She continued to contact me and said she would offer me a discounted locality for the advertisement and that I have no competition. She said she had to get her manager's approval and it was done. It took her 15 minutes to board me, canceled my 30 days trial and took the $350. I was on top of the website with my profile, did everything that I was supposed to do. I also contacted some of my competitors who also used Houzz and they told me that leads were non-existence even after a year. I experience the non existence myself . I contacted Victoria around December 14, I contacted Victoria to cancel the account as at this point I really do see that there is no benefit being on this platform. This platform is made for interior designer and builders to showcase their work. The sales has been misrepresented by Victoria. We have received just 1 lead which was a low low level lead that ended up in nothing. If we were going to pay for this marketing for $350 a month for the highest income locality, we should be getting quality leads as Victoria sold. Post sales were non existence other than Steven Green reached out for a website design in which was mediocre as I could see because he sent me just 1 sample from a company. The sale was completed, out of site out of mind. I am looking for the refund of $350 for the November initial charge I am looking for a refund of the December $350 charge. I would not have continued after the trial if I was given the chance to review this platform for 30 days. I notified in time of my grievances. This is a total misrepresentation of the products sold to me. I have contacted Victoria victoria.lurye@houzz.com, Kristen Duran kristen.duran@houzz.com, and Steven Green Steven.green@houzz.com No-one has addressed the issues of cancellation , just delayed tactics. We have been in the business for 18 years with many industry contacts. We attend trade shows every year and we would love to share our experiences with our industry partners. As/of Jan 12, 2023 no-one from Houzz has addressed my issues Since December 19, 2022 We want this account to be closed entirely.

Houzz complaint statistics

  • 82 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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