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rejected check in by hotel due to Hotel overbooked

July 30, 2022, 6:01 p.m. by Qiwen

I booked a day use hotel room ( booking number 839589488 ) from the Hotelsbyday website. Check in time is 10:00am and check out by 4:00pm on July23, 2022. When I arrived at the hotel “Embassy Suites By Hilton Convention Center Las Vegas” at 10:20am. The front desk lady is not so friendly saying that the hotel is full. I told her that I had a confirmed room, then she said it is too early to check in. The hotel standard check in time is 4:00pm and check out time is 11:00am as the sign shown. I told her I booked a day use room from 10:00am to 4:00pm so it is the time to check in. She then checked the computer and asked the guy next to her. I didn’t know what they talk about but they finally told me that the hotel is full so there is no room for us. I called the Hotelsbyday customers service right away and the guy said he had talked to the hotel manager. They don’t know why the hotel couldn’t give us a room. Hotelsbyday system showing that the hotel has room so that they sold the ticket to us. I went back to the hotel lobby and the manager approached me. Her name is Kalia Williams. She said they are overbooked because of the Hotelsbyday overbooked their rooms. I don’t know whose false in the case, I only know it is not the customers’s false. I should get a room as I have a confirm booking. the hotel manager’s attitude is really bad and she never try to help customers. I asked her that some customers checked out early and some customers check in late. Why they can’t just give me a room first? Their standard check in time is 4:00pm and our booking ends at 4:00pm. I told her I can checked out earlier around 3:30pm so that they have time to clean the room for the next customer. The hotel manager still reject ed us. This manger is not qualify to be a team of management. She never try to solve issue, she never think about how to help the customers. I even told her it probably was your hotel’s system error so that the 3rd party website is able to book the rooms. I asked why you choose us to rejected ? She said we booked the hotel late. I am the customer I don’t care about early or late. Once I got a confirmed booking number, I should get room. It is the worst customer experience I had in my life. I really hope the management team can see this complaints, and contact me for the follow up. I need an answer of why the hotel overbooked? I want to know whether the hotel manager handle this case correctly? I had record a video of our conversation with the hotel manager. complaint statistics

  • 198 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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