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Home Depot delivery issues

Sept. 23, 2022, 12:38 p.m. by Robert

-------- Original message -------- From: rob_b1018 <rob_b1018@yahoo.com> Date: 9/23/22 11:57 AM (GMT-05:00) To: jamieblanco32@gmail.com Subject: Final #2 We ordered appliances from Home Depot in June. We ordered a range oven an over the range microwave a dish washer and a refrigerator we opted for home depots "professional installation". However when they finally came to deliver them almost a month later on July 18th we were told that they could not install not one single appliance. The delivery guys dropped our old refrigerator twice damaging it beyond the point of being able to keep it should we need to send the new one back for any reason, which we did, and breaking our front porch steps and several tiles in our kitchen in the process. Then they damaged the new refrigerator as they were bringing it in, they broke the water connection behind the refrigerator and sprayed water all over my kitchen and we had to cut water off to the entire house. Then they hurridly decided they were leaving they left and they took both our new and old refrigerator. So they left us with no refrigerator and no running water and pieces of our old refrigerator scattered in our front yard.      They had took down our old microwave before telling us they could not install the new one because they had brought it from the warehouse with no mounting bracket that should have been in the box but wasn't so they took both our new and old microwave with them when they left. So we started the day with no issues in our kitchen all of our old appliances worked we were just trying to upgrade. But at then end of the day we had no running water no refrigerator no microwave and a new dishwasher left in our driveway and an uninstalled oven.       After many calls to home Depot and involving the store manager Tim Ramirez we were able to get a small loaner fridge to salvage what groceries we could. I thought this was already beyond ridiculous, but this was only the beginning. The next day the store arranged for a plumber to come and install the oven and the dishwasher, the mounting brackets for the dishwasher were missing so he rigged it the best he could with aftermarket brackets brought to us by the store employees who brought the loaner fridge however the dishwasher is not properly installed and these brackets have sharp edges and my wife has already cut her finger on them. So at this point we just want home depot to make our kitchen whole again they tell us that it will be a month before they can get us the refrigerator we ordered because LG has them on back order. They tell us they can arrange for the delivery company to bring back the new damaged refrigerator until the new undamaged one arrives in a month.        So two different delivery guys show up and they install the new damaged refrigerator with no issues they get it in the house with no further damage they brought our new microwave and installed it this was the only time we got guys from the warehouse that were professional and knew what they were doing. At the end of the day we had our new oven dishwasher and microwave but we're on hold for another month with our refrigerator. Still beyond ridiculous but we understand that things happen. We've filed claims with home depot for our broken stairs and our broken tiles that we feel is moving slower than it should our front steps are potentially dangerous if you're not careful, we've learned that our current tile cannot be matched and the entire kitchen floor will need to be replaced and our entire front porch steps will also need to be replaced.       So fast forward the new delivery for our new undamaged refrigerator gets set for August 20th but on August 19th we get a call advising us that they are still waiting on it from LG fast forward to September 12th two delivery guys show up and immediately start trying to come up with excuses as to why they cannot bring the refrigerator in, We want this to be over so we're begging the guy to please just bring it in and in the process discover that the new refrigerator they brought was already damaged so that was a huge waste of time. Through this whole process my wife and I are missing days of work to be here for these deliveries mind you. The delivery guys say call this number blah blah blah we know the process they say they will get a new one out here and give it the "white glove treatment" as if this go around was the just the "we don't give a crap treatment" at this point the warehouse manager Natalie Lauzurica and the store manager Tim Ramirez have been involved for over 2 months! We are reasonable people and we feel like we are inconveniencing home depot having to call so frequently everyone at the store knows our name it's embarrassing, we are not being difficult home depot is being being difficult.     So this bring us to yesterday September 22nd, the "white glove treatment" two guys show up I greet them kindly I advise them they may want to inspect the new refrigerator for damage before anything else and at last we have a refrigerator at our house that isn't damaged. One guy gets straight to business he wants to help, the other guy starts looking for excuses to not bring it in. He tells us that tiles are broken so he can't and will not bring it in. Tiles that his company broke the first time they came out here. So he's telling us we need the floor replaced before he can install the refrigerator. How were the other guys able to get the other damaged refrigerator in with no issues and no further damage but these guys cannot complete the delivery when we finally have an undamaged refrigerator we've been waiting on for months. Everyone except the delivery guys was and have been aware of the broken tile the whole time. How at this point are they still sending delivery guys that are completely unaware of the ongoing situation and so unwilling to help?         At this point I express my frustration, frustration I feel I have a right to, I never once personally attacked this guy I may have said "this is fucking bullshit", the one guy who's trying to help is still doing everything he can to help he's measuring and trying to figure out the best way to get the refrigerator in the house meanwhile the other guy flips out and says he's leaving with or without his partner and if his partner is coming her better come now. He said we cussed him and he had never been spoken to that way in his life, again we never attacked him personally, we only aired our frustration at the situation the other guy understood completely where we were coming from. The guy says he's leaving and begins to load the refrigerator back in the truck while my wife is begging him to stop and please give her 5 minutes to get someone at home depot on the phone he yells at my wife that nobody at home depot is going to convince him to bring the refrigerator in he finally stops and drops the refrigerator roughly on the hand trucks which could possibly have damaged it. Meanwhile his partner is also begging him to help get the refrigerator in the house he says "I ain't doing shit for yall fuck yall" and gets in the truck and turns it on I'm shaking my head the whole time so he flips me off too. I am not understanding why he is so mad that we are frustrated he said we "talked to him like a fuckin hick" which I took as a racial slur toward my wife. He then gets out of the truck on the phone with someone I assume his manager and says that we're lying about something I don't know what we'd be lying about. At this point he is causing a scene I'm my driveway my neighbors are looking to see what is going on and my wife is in tears and we feel completly humiliated.        The guy gets in the truck and leaves the driveway leaving his partner behind and parks about 50 yards away at the end of our long driveway. The guy that's willing to help stayed behind and helped me get the refrigerator into the garage because he could not bring it in by himself. I thanked him kindly and he had to walk all the way down the driveway to the truck.       Back on August 12th I had asked my wife to invite Tim Ramirez the store Manger to please come to our house on delivery day we live 2 minutes away from the store but he declined. Here's what I don't understand how is it that Tim and Natalie have been involved for over two months and we still don't have an undamaged refrigerator we ordered in June? How has this carried on for so long without a single person taking ownership or accountability? The great thing about yesterday and that guys outbursts and the scene he caused in my drive way is that I have it all on video via my security camera so I can prove who is lying and who isn't. I'm sending the videos to Tim today and can provide them to corporate upon request but I have absolutely zero faith in Tim and Home Depot at this point that anything will come of it. So at this point our decision to upgrade our appliances with home depot has caused way more trouble than it's worth, I did not want to have to deal with replacing my floor or front steps there was nothing wrong with any of it before home depot came in. It's been a major inconvinconvenience the whole time. At this point I feel like any compensation home depot offers is not going to be enough.      Now as I am typing this the guy just pulled up at the end of my drive way in the company truck and took pictures of my house and of me and my wife on the porch i have pictures and video. My wife feels threatened and we are filing a police report. 

Coalition of Union Women /CLUW

Sept. 21, 2022, 1:34 a.m. by Jo

I signed a semi-custom $8,000 cabinet installation with Home Depot in Tukwila back in January of this year, 2022 and their contractor Norwest who has treated badly, lied on me in email and refuse to complete the work, while telling me to do the installation of the cabinet drawer pulls after they drilled the holes in the new 5 set of cabinets. The end results is they used my bedroom as a warehouse storage place for the t set of boxed cabinets from a period of 4-6 weeks before installation. The most recent decision by Speciality Manager, Sydney Hurst is not acceptable to me - See most recent emails that are numbered 1) throough 4) from Norwest -From: Erik <Erik@norwestknr.com> and other Home Depot adminstrators below: 1) To: Scheduler <Scheduler@norwestknr.com>; COS_4705@homedepot.com <COS_4705@homedepot.com>; Ricki <ricki@norwestknr.com>; Sandy <Sandy@norwestknr.com> Cc: Specialtyasm_4705@homedepot.com <Specialtyasm_4705@homedepot.com>; WILLIAM_K_PETERSON@homedepot.com <WILLIAM_K_PETERSON@homedepot.com> Sent: Mon, Sep 19, 2022 7:32 am Subject: RE: Blake 4705 Good morning Jo, I am sorry for the delay. Norwest has never refused to install this last remaining element. This item was ready for installation after your project was to be completed. Our installer Oleg, has attempted contact on numerous occasions and his and your schedule appear to not have been able to match up. I have requested, again for him to contact you to coordinate this work to be completed. I am also requesting another installer to be onsite this week if possible who lives in your area. Please let me know if the handyman is able to complete the glass insert. Erik Fish, Project Manager, Norwest Kitchen and Remodel, Cell:206-786-4339 Office:425-821-0504 2) Jo, After reading your email from last night I wanted to let you know that we do not pay our installers for work that they did not complete. After Norwest asked you to have your handyman insert the glass into the cabinet, I canceled the PO that we had entered to pay them. Customer Order Specialist (COS) Micki Taylor Ext 333 Home Depot #4705 206-575-9200 3) From: jblake4748@aol.com <jblake4748@aol.com> Sent: Monday, September 19, 2022 10:59 PM To: Erik Fish <Erik@norwestknr.com>; Scheduler@norwestknr.com <Scheduler@norwestknr.com>; 4705, COS <COS_4705@homedepot.com>; Ricki <ricki@norwestknr.com>; Sandy@norwestknr.com <Sandy@norwestknr.com> Cc: 4705, Specialtyasm <Specialtyasm_4705@homedepot.com>; Peterson, William K <WILLIAM_K_PETERSON@homedepot.com> Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: Blake Cabinet Installation Rip Off Erik, By the time you sent this email to me, the handyman was gone. Micki from Home Depot told me via telephone that Home Depot paid Norwest to come back out to my home and install the glass panel in the cabinet at about the time this email was being sent. Aren't you lucky, Sydney the Speciality Manager of Home Depot in the rudest manner possible has informed me that they partner with Norwest, leaving an unspoken message, that I am to pay for this instllation and whatever has not been done by Norwest will not be done. After Oleg told me to put the knobs and cabinet pulls, on the cabinets myself that he didn't put in during their short time at my home, at this point had not other choice but to get a handyman . Now you are telling me to have the handyman install the glass into the cabinet when Micki specifiically told me that the handyman can do it, and I would be paying for it because Home Depot was not going to pay for what they paid Norwest come back out to my home to complete this installation. . This whole situation is out of control, I lose and Norwest and Home Depot get paid for work I am told to complete on this installation.. Jo Blake,The Taken Advantage of Customer Good Afternoon, 4) As requested per our phone call, I am emailing what we discussed on the phone. I understand you have been waiting an extended period of time for this project to be resolved. Multiple attempts have been made on Norwest's end for scheduling to help the project move along. Unfortunately, due to the circumstances and previous communications, the decision has been made to no longer go out and replace the panel of glass. As Norwest is the company that Home Depot partners with, there is nothing further for us to provide other than the $500 compensation that was previously discussed. Once the Settlement Release form attached in this email has been signed, I will be able to process a $500 refund to the original payment method as this compensation. Thank you, Sydney Hurst Specialty Assistant Store Manager The Southcenter Home Depot #4705 206.575.9200 Ext. 387 -

Horrible customer service and services

Sept. 20, 2022, 7:30 p.m. by Nicole

Hello, I’m writing to request assistance with on going issues I’ve had with the local Home Depot. I purchased floors in May and had them installed by the local Home Depot (Brandon, FL). The installers hired by Home Depot to install my floors damaged my counter tops during demolition of the floors and after 5 months I finally have that claim in process. Currently, the issue is that I purchased cabinet refacing in April and after the installers came out twice, some of the cabinets are still unfinished 5 months later. The first time the product arrived damaged so the oven cabinet wasn’t finished, the island was measured incorrectly and wasn’t finished, and two doors needed to be reordered, amongst other issues. The second time (last Friday) we were told the wrong product was ordered and so they only hung one door (and removed tile for the other department) and said they need to reorder more product and need to come out a third time. Lastly, my tile backsplash still hasn’t been scheduled to be installed. I purchased the supplies and paid for installation, and for two different measurements in July. Initially installing the tile was an issue because the old tile needed to be removed by the cabinet installers, as they covered the tile during cabinet refacing, making it so the tile couldn’t be removed. But now the old tile is finally down, but now I can’t get the local person “Abby” who oversees the tile install scheduling to return calls or emails. I have had some assistance from a cabinet manager named, Alfredo Lopez, but I haven’t heard from him since last Friday when I told him the cabinet refacing was still incomplete. He was supposed to contact me (or have someone else contact me) to let me know once the product was ordered and let me know when it will be in. Please assist me. I have paid almost $50,000 for all of these services and products and my kitchen is in shambles. Nobody seems to be making these issues a priority. Thank you, Nicole Braginton

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