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Handy complaint statistics

  • 10 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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Company steals from their employees

Sept. 9, 2022, 12:50 p.m. by Ryan

I accepted a job on September 1 Thursday of this year for a company called handy or now they’re going by Angie’s services. The job I excepted was to replace a window in the door for a rental property. By code you have to have tempered glass and usually it’s gonna take more than a day to have that glass cut to size so the second I excepted that job order I immediately messaged the homeowner asking if I can come by early so I can get the measurements for the window. I never got a response from them until the day of the job right and I actually sent a message at the following day too with no response until the day of the job the lady messages me and says to me you can bring the glass with you when I come. Tempered glass is expensive and it takes more than a day usually to get it so I told her I could not do that but I can come by and measure and then I’ll have it ordered she said fine so I went to the rental property measured for the glass and went and had it ordered. I paid for it sent her a text message that day telling her that I have ordered the glass and that it is paid for. Well she never responded to me I sent her this is Labor Day weekend I sent her another message that day I have all this documentation by the way. Sunday Monday goes by I messaged everyday but still nothing from the homeowner. I’m still trying to communicate with her I show up on Tuesday after the Labor Day weekend and the tenant says that she has found somebody else and I said well I’ve been texting her for the last three days. Well it turns out that Handy or Angie’s list stopped us from communicating with each other the homeowner and me after that. They turned off the message board on us. We don’t have their home phone number they don’t have ours it’s purely runs through the company. So after that happened so now I’m out money from the materials the glass and glaze so the total amount was $86 was what they were supposed to pay me to do the job well it’s automatically just gets deposited in my account after the day is over with. While I am out that money for my materials besides the fact they decided to on my next job I finished two days ago I got paid $117 for that job they took all of that money more than the $86 from the window job and they charged me $43 for a no show on that window job. Which I did show for that job and I was planning on going back but I couldn’t get a hold of the customer. I’m not gonna just show up at somebody’s house without them knowing to install something. So I did a job today and they took all that money because they say I owe them $43 for the no-show. So that is what I’m dealing with I don’t understand why they take more money than what they paid me for a job that I did show up to and then charge me $43 extra for the no-show when they’re the ones they’re the ones at fault for not letting us communicate with the homeowner anymore.

Handy complaint statistics

  • 10 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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