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FedEx Lost or Stole a $2,250 Package, Won't Admit It or Respond

Dec. 16, 2019, 7:28 p.m. by Juliette

I ordered a macbook through an Amazon third party seller. They sent it expedited shipping through FedEx. On the day (Saturday, 12.07.19 )it was supposed to be delivered, the tracking update said "delivery exception," that no attempt was made to delivery, and that they would deliver it the next business day. Three business days later (Friday, 12.13.19), with no other tracking update, I called. They said there were too many packaged and FedEx was three days behind, should have tried that day but fell behind again, would try tomorrow. (Friday, 12.14.19). Nothing Friday. No tracking update. I called Saturday, 12.15.19. Again they told me they just had soooo many packages, but said they would send a note asking them to ship it ASAP. No updates. I called Sunday, 12.16.19, thinking I'd ask for the address of the facility and just drive and get it. They said it was closed, we went through the whole too many package rigamarole and what I should do during the week given I worked and it needed a signature -- When I finally said, what am I supposed to do, if you guys lost it or something just tell me and I'll file a claim. The representative said, well, there doesn't seem to have been any scan of the package since the seventh and there is no delivery scheduled (so why tell me about the signature if they never intended to deliver the dang package????), so I might as well file a claim. I filed a claim. No response. Yeah, it's early, from complaint filing, but this is completely ridiculous and unacceptable. I'm furious with their dishonest, ugly treatment. I want to be told clearly and without bullshit, nonsense excuses what happened to my package. Tracking number 919414080002929. Thanks,

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