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Costco complaint statistics

  • 957 complaints filed

  • 201 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 3.01 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 68%

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Dangerously hostile, abusive, and disrespectful mistreatment on the part of Santa Rosa, CA Costco gas attendants and store supervisor today 1/8/23 at 5:15 PM

Jan. 8, 2023, 11:05 p.m. by Chris

Today, 1/8/23, I was subjected to severe and even dangerous mistreatment by gas attendants Dan and Nick at the Costco gas station in Santa Rosa, California, and a rude and condescending interaction with store manager “Dawn R.” when I met with her afterward to complain about the incident. Here’s what happened: Today, 1/8/23, at roughly 5:15 PM, I was waiting in line to get gas at the Santa Rosa Costco gas station, and noticed an empty pump one car ahead in the lane across from me. As a long time Costco member (for decades), I have observed, on many occasions, drivers entering the passing lane in such a a situation to move ahead and pull up beside the unused pump to get gas – without any problem, complaint, correction, or even a single word of disapproval on the part of Costco members or gas attendants. Doing this is helpful in a number of ways: 1) it allows the car behind me to move forward in line, and 2) it allows more efficient utilization of the limited number of pumps at Costco. Since I’d seen this happen on a regular basis for years at Costco without incident or objection on the part of Costco members or gas station attendents – and therefore believing the behavior to be allowed and completely okay – I chose to do so, myself, this evening. I certainly meant no harm nor maliciousness in any way whatsoever. In fact, I thought what I did was perfectly fine – since I’d witnessed it at Costco so often before without any problem whatsoever – and since doing so enables multiple Costco customers (myself, and the car behind me) to get gas more quickly – which seemed to me to be a good thing, not a bad thing. Costco gas station attendants Dan and Nick then began yelling at me in an abusive, hostile, almost violent way, threatening to revoke my Costco membership, and ordering me off the property. ** Nick even YANKED THE GAS PUMP OUT OF MY CAR – WHILE I WAS FILLING UP!! ** I then drove away from the gas station, parked in the Costco parking lot, and entered the store to report the incident to the manager on duty. I spoke with a female supervisor named “Dawn R.” Dawn listened to my recollection of the event, which included all information written here. Dawn rudely and candescently dismissed my complaint, asserting that it was “common sense” that I shouldn’t switch lanes to fill up at an unused pump. How am I supposed to know that such a think is not okay – when I’ve observed Costco members doing exactly that – without any correction by Costco gas attendants – without any word of objection at all – on many occasions at various Costco gas stations – over a period of decades? How am I supposed to regard it as “common sense” that behavior X is wrong, when I’ve seen behavior X take place, without any problem AT ALL, year after year, at numerous Costco gas stations – and when there is NO sign posted at Costco gas stations explaining that members MUST stay in their own lane and not change lanes to utilize unused pumps? And HOW IN THE WORLD is it okay for Costco gas attendants to yell at me using hostile, near-violent voices, threaten to revoke my Costco membership – and then endanger the lives of those in the vicinity by PHYSICALLY YANKING OUT THE GAS PUMP FROM MY CAR – as I’m pumping gas into it – risking a gas spillage, or worse? ** How in the world is THAT behavior okay? ** I want to speak to a Costco regional customer relations representative about this event, asap. I also want – and fully expect – to receive a written apology (email would be fine) for the dangerous, hostile, abusive, and disrespectful mistreatment I was subjected to by various Santa Rosa Costco employees this evening. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.


Jan. 3, 2023, 1:05 a.m. by Fahad

I ordered a lot of stuff from Costco. More in appliance section I order a Samsung refrigerator worth like 2600$ and I wanted to have my washer and dryer from Samsung as well. So, I ordered a set of washer and dryer (Order Number: 182518552, Price 1461.57 and item # 1490912) It got delivered after a week or two and when it delivered dryer was bad and doesn’t work. I called them and told them that the dryer is not working at all. They said we can send replacement it will take time because of busy season. As I moved to a new house recently and had an accident as well and had a fracture, I need laundry badly because I was not able to drive to take my laundry-to-laundry place. So, I checked online and ordered another set which was saying that it will be delivered in a week. I Ordered that (ordered number: 186500355, Item number 1588476, price 1149.99) after few days it got delivered but when delivery guys unpack washer and dryer outside one of them was damaged not sure it was dryer or washer so I told them I no this will not work and rejected the delivery because item was damaged. I got a call from Costco guy who talked to me, and I told him that item was delivered was damaged. And he was okay so how do you want to move forward I told him that I ordered a set before and dryer is not functioning. Can you just replace the dryer on that and sooner possible. He said sure not a problem I am creating these requests for you I was like okay great thank you. He took a few mins and said sir you are all set your will hear from Costco logistics in few days about replacements delivery I was okay great thank you because I really needed a laundry. Then after a few days I got an automatic call from Costco logistics about washer and dryer pickup. I was like what the heck I requested a replacement of dryer only. I went online and checked. He requested a replacement on my 2nd order not just the dryer for the first one. I was okay with what can I do so they came and picked up my first set of washer and dryer. 1 week go by and few more days was like what’s going on I called Costco and requested more information about the delivery the lady this time apologize and states you will receive an email information in a day or two about delivery I was so patience during this whole time wearing dirty smelling cloths for most of the time. Having my sister drive to my house take my important laundry to get it washed at her place. Horrible. Then things got worse. I got an email after two or three days like lady said but when I read the email I was so pissed. Email states that my laundry will not be shipped till feb13th 2023. I got really upset and called Costco again to ask them what’s going on. They said o we are sorry item got backed order and it will not be shipped till 13th Feb. I told her I cannot wait that long she said I am sorry sir we cannot do much about it. I asked what options I have. She said I can request a refund on this, and you can order a newer set which shows available. I was okay I will just order my first set that I liked. She said OKAY. Call ended there. I went online and tried to place my set that I like but the price went up around 2100$ for that set. I called Costco again to tell the whole story again. She said I am sorry about that let me see what I can do she came back after few mins hold and yes sir this item is available you can place the order. I said: I know it is available on website too, but price is changed. I asked if I could get the same price because it was a mess up by Costco. She said please wait let me talk to my manager after few mins wait, she came gave and sorry we can’t give that price. You can place a different set. I so so upset I ended up ordering a new set (Order number: 193687934, Item #1561591, Price 1549.97) It got delivered on 31st December and guess what Dryer is broken again. Tech told me to call Samsung they will help I called them they said it might the circuit inside the dryer. I am at point to return everything purchased in last month or so including my Refrigerator. Unless Costco seriously fixing this shitt show going on. And get me same price I placed ordered.

Employee picking on customer

Dec. 24, 2022, 6:50 p.m. by May

Good day, I'm sorry to file a complaint in the holiday season. I had a very bad experience at Costco 6135 Junction blvd, NY, 11374. I was shopping with my boyfriend on Christmas eve around closing time. On our way out, we showed our receipt. There was this african american employee on the left ( facing exit ) checked our cart and receipt, there were not many items on this visit. He checked our cart and told me if I had another receipt, then he stopped our cart and called other employees as if we're stealing something. Then 2 more employees came to us and checked our cart which matches with the receipt. There were only 9 items in the cart. The first employee did not check other carts behind me and let them pass by , meanwhile making a scene with us. I told the second employee who came to check our cart that if nothing is wrong with our cart, the first employee has to apologize to us. There was no apologies. He then said he thought I was being charged more, which he is lying. If he truly thought I was being charged more, why would he ask me if I have another receipt in the first place? Then I remembered this is the same employee that stopped me a few months ago asking me if I put extra things in my bag, after he checked my cart and my receipt and everything matched. That time, I called the manager and complained about it. This is such a bad experience especially on Christmas Eve. I want answers to why this employee is picking on me. I am even afraid to go back to this location which is near my home. I am so embarrassed even from being stopped at and taken away to the side in front of other shoppers that I did not remember to look at the employee's name. But I believe you can find out from the employee schedule. And I wish actions will be taken against him for his unacceptable behaviour towards customers when there was nothing wrong without apologies and without explaining why he had to drag me to the side in front of all other shoppers and call other employees to check my cart like I was stealing something. There were only 9 items in the cart and I was wearing a small cross body bag and my boyfriend didn't even have any bags with him. There was no reason to misunderstand. This ruined my holiday mood and completely destroyed my holiday vibe. I want answers.

Costco complaint statistics

  • 957 complaints filed

  • 201 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 3.01 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 68%

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