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Costco complaint statistics

  • 972 complaints filed

  • 4 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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May 17, 2023, 10:19 a.m.

My huband and I booked an Airbnb in Tucson AZ for the month of January 2023. On November 23 2022 my husband was hopitalized, and airlifted from a hospital in Minnesota to Fargo ND. It was the only place that had a bed, and could handle his illness. He had contracted Sepsis, and had a Liver abcess. His chances of survival were very slim. During all of this, I made the mistake of calling our host in Tucson. I should have messaged her because of course there is no record of this conversation! I explained our situation, and that I knew we were out of the cancellation/reimbursment window but was there any way that we could recoup our money given the extreme situation. I was told that I could cancel, and if any of the dates ended up being book, she would reimburse us for those days. ( Of course none of this was in writing.) I proceeded to check the listing on a number of occasions, and by January 11, the dates were all booked. I then contacted the host by message wanting to start the reimbursement process. The message I received back was "contact airbnb"???? She told airbnb the dates were not booked, and that she would not reimburse us our $4679.13. I feel like I was scammed by the host,and taken advantage of during the most tramatic time in our lives. I contacted airbnb numerous times, and was given the run around. It wasn't until my husband ( yes he somehow survived, and was released from the hospital on January26) contacted No No, that we ended up receiving $449.13 from airbnb as a courtesy. While we thank airbnb for the $449.13, it does not cover the money that we lost on the Tucson booking. I would think that airbnb would have shown a little more integrity in dealing with us in this situation. I also pointed out to airbnb that my children and I spent $7000.00 on airbnbs while we were staying in Fargo to be with our husband/dad. It didn't seem to make a difference to them.... My husband is still recovering, but when he is able to travel again, we will be using vrbo from now on!

Costco Latest Complaints

Costco Online Credit Card Purchase of Apple Watch Dishonored

May 30, 2023, 10:40 a.m. by Roy

Dear Sir/Madame, My Costco # is 111968450950.I am a long-time member using Beach Gardens, anNewark, DE,Palm d various Maryland stores.I also have been in "Who's Who in America" and "Who's Who In American Law" am a retired law partner of a well-known DC firm,and before that a Federal Prosecutor. Last, I am also a Cancer patient at Johns Hopkins.Because of the Cancer,I was advised to obtain an Apple Watch, Series 8, GPS, which can notify my family and doctors of adverse heart and lung,etc readings .On November 29,2022 I purchased that watch online from Costco for $384.98.The Costco order is #1841172077. The package arrived within a week but I was unable to open the package due to a diagnosis of a new Cancer. I have recovered from that after surgery and recently and opened the package a week ago. The watch would not charge and Apple over the phone could not it to operate. An Apple supervisor asked me to make a picture of the watch from my phone and said it was not an Apple Watch but appeared to be some form of Garmin product.Further, Amazon noted that the serial number on my purchase was for an Apple Watch and that is on my Apple records as well. When I brought this matter to the attention of Costco's customer service on Friday, by letter online they denied my request to supply me with the watch I ordered. The grounds were "Unfortunately this is not possible because as the Apple Watch was shipped by our shipping warehouse and Garmin Watches are shipped by the vendor. We do not keep them in our shipping warehouse." That is a ridiculous explanation as it overlooks any human interaction either a simple mistake, or intentional mistake.I checked the price on Amazon for the Apple watch on Friday an the price for the identical item is $ . Finally, without mentioning COSTCO and being a well known antitrust lawyer,I have contacted unofficially an attorney at the Federal Trade Commission as to how they would characterize these facts, as I know the are very aggressive now . I was expecting "unfair consumer treatment of online purchases" but the response was that this would likely be treated as potential "Online FRAUD of Senior Citizens" Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter as the ordered watch has been prescribed medically..

Please see me just a mattress

May 29, 2023, 12:45 p.m. by Richard

After much research the wife and I decided on a Sleep Science (SS) I-Flip split Cal King bc she likes a somewhat firm mattress while I prefer it to be softer. We found one for sale at Costco but it included an electric adjustable base, which most likely more than doubled the price. We do not need nor want a base as our current bed frame is satisfactory. I contacted Costco via chat to ask if they sold the mattress without the base and was told no. I then contacted SS via chat (copy below) and was told they could not sell the mattress separately bc their contract with Costco forbids it. Now we absolutely love everything about Costco, including their treatment of employees. However, it seems totally ridiculous that Costco would prevent a mattress company from selling mattresses unless a base (that many customers probably do not want) is included. That just does not make sense period and seems so unlike Costco. So, will Costco or SS come to their senses and make an exception so that we can purchase the mattress we want without the base that we cannot use? Thank you, Rich Splitt Chat with Sleep Science about a week ago - • Me - Interested in the iflip split cal king. Wife wants firm and i prefer soft if possible. • Me - Do any iflip split cal kings come without a base? 1:04 PM • SS - None unfortunately. 1:05 PM • Me - OK, guess we will have to buy elsewhere as we do not want an adjustable base...sorry. 1:06 PM • Me - Actually it's hard to imagine that a mattress maker would try to force a base a customer does not want onto them. You must be losing sales bc of it. 1:07 PM • SS - We can not sell them in that size due to a contract we have with Costco. We can only sell the sizes and models they offer on 1:14 PM • Me - Sorry but that seems a but ridiculous. Are you saying that you cannot sell the iflip splitt cal king mattress by itself bc Costco put that in your contract with them? 1:18 PM • Me - We love Costco but if that's the case both of you are losing sales. We really want your mattress but have absolutely no need or desire for a base we will not use. I'm sure there must be many others that are not willing to spend much more for something they will not use. 1:20 PM • Me - Sorry but that seems very silly to me. Note: No response from SS

Lennox Air Conditioner Coil leakage 3 years after installation.

May 25, 2023, 9 p.m. by Hope

Another costly visit for air conditioner maintenance by Monarch Home Services to the tune of $3,500, for replacing a coil that is apparently leaking (determined by sensor reading analyzer).per technician. Monarch is the company Costco has in their stores selling the Lennox Air conditioning Units. Monarch is the maintenance company that wants to charge $2,500 for the labor to replace the coil. The part costs $1000, approximately. Part is covered under 10 year warranty but labor warranty expired 2 years ago. My husband and I are senior citizens and are asking our selves; "How is this possible? ". We payed $27,059, for the Lennox Unit and in just 3 years the coil has to be replaced. Why is the coil not up to good standards? I assume the coil is leaking Freon, the cooling agent, but that was not explained to me by manager, Dave, so I am assuming that is the problem. I am upset and concerned that such an expensive air conditioning unit can cost so much and have so many problems and poor performance so far. Is the Lennox Manufactor using substandard coils. What are the statistics' on this happening on a 3 year old Lennox Air Conditioning Unit? Does this occur frequently? Should I get a second opinion from another maintenance company, because I am in a quandary on how to proceed. Costco continues to have Monarch Home Maintenance sales people selling Lennox Air Units but there home maintenance leaves much to be desired. The Monarch Maintenance Company says it's Lennon that manufactures and assembles the units and the fault of leaking coil unit rests in their business. I would very much like help in this matter and I am seeking information in statistics on how often coils leak and when they begin to leak so soon after unit is assembled. Thank you.

Solar Installation with Sun Run

May 25, 2023, 6 p.m. by Kay

I had solar installed by Sun Run 4/27/23, City came 5/1/23 for inspection and it failed. I was told by the Sun Run rep who came out to meet the City that the wiring is different from what the plan said. Sun Run is suppose to correct the plan and it would take 1-2 weeks. After 3 weeks, had not heard from my Sun Run co-ordinator and I called and left message with the person who answered the phone. She said the co-ordinator would call back within 3 days. Why does it take 3 days?? Every time I called, the response is, it would take 3 days to call back. She eventually called and she looked through my report and said she does not know what is going on because the team did not leave any note and she was going to follow it up. That was 5/19/23 and again, didn't hear from her. I called again today and the co-ordinator is still NOT AVAILABLE. She is almost never available. After installation, the team did not show me the functionality of the units and if there is something I should do in case of emergency. Did not mention to me about an app. My neighbour had their panels installed by Sun Run after I did and they also failed inspection. We had different installation teams but same problem for failing city inspection. How do different teams keep making the same mistakes. I posted a review on Yelps and saw some really horrible complains about Sun Run. I went with them because I trust Costco and Costco's reputation. Since Sun Run is somehow connected with them for business. I think Costco should be aware of this.

Costco complaint statistics

  • 972 complaints filed

  • 4 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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