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Choice Home Warranty Latest Complaints

Wrong equipment was installed in my home

Nov. 30, 2022, 3:45 a.m. by Reginald

On July 20, 2022 I place a claim with Choice Home Warranty because my home wasn’t cooling under 72 on the thermostat. Choice Home Warranty sent Kingdom Comfort Heating and Cooling out to my home 🏠 to check my system out. Once they finished checking my system out. They said I need a complete new system. Choice Home Warranty Charge me $696.25 for the Condenser. They also said I had to pay another out of pocket cost of $1,240 for the Air Handeler. Choice Home Warranty paid $2,317 to the technician for installation. Kingdom Comfort Heating and Cooling installed a complete new system in my home. After the new system was installed the A/C was working fine. In October I tried to turn the heat on. The thermostat was reading auxiliary heat pump and turning on the heat trip the circuit breaker after 3 seconds of running. I tried to call Kingdom Comfort several times and sent several text messages. The tech did not respond. I call Choice Home Warranty on October 20, 2022 and they set me up with an appointment for CB Mechanical Service to take a look. There diagnosis came back and said Kingdom Comfort installed the wrong equipment in my home. They further said trying to run the system as is could start a fire because of bad wiring. CB Mechanical Service said I need to have the entire system re done with all new equipment. I called Choice and ask for a refund for the money I paid Choice and the technician for the bad equipment. As well as a refund of the money they paid the technician out of my policy. Choice declined and told me I would need to pay and additional $2,400 for the new equipment to be installed. I ask Choice how is that fair to me. I’m not the one to install the bad equipment.

Dishwasher - # 174462060 POlicy # 142693836

Oct. 19, 2022, 3:12 p.m. by Angela

Good afternoon, I submitted claim # 174462060 POlicy # 142693836 Address: 11930 Sonnet avenue Orlando, Fl 32832. The first claim was submitted in September. The technicians have been at my house 5 times. The dishwasher does not heat nor dry the dishes. The technicians replaced the board twice and state that the machine was good. The problem has not been resolved. They turn the dishwasher on and leave. do not wait for the cycle to end so they can see the problem and reason for the claim. Last week when I contacted Choice Home Warranty, they told me they needed a report from the technician and would get back to me with an answer. Nobody called or emailed me. I called again today. They stated that for me to get a different opinion, I need to pay another fee of 75 dollars that cannot be waived because the technician has reported that the machine is working properly after changing the board. They do not stay until the cycle ends so I do not understand how they can say the dishwasher is fine when they do not stay to ensure it is drying and heating. It is not working properly, It is not heating or drying the dishes. I have asked to speak with a supervisor. It was not possible. The supervisor contacted to the agent, and she informed me about his decision not to waive the fee for a second opinion. At this point, the dishwasher has not worked for more than four weeks.

Complaint Bait and Switch

Oct. 12, 2022, 3:12 p.m. by Stephen

I opened a claim for a leaky roof the middle of August 2022. You sent out an individual that claimed to have repaired my tile roof. I stated it was tile when I bought my policy. I was told I had coverage of $1500 a year for roof leaks. I had the interior repaired which I paid $450 for after your representative fixed my roof. The next rain it leaked in the same spot. You sent out another repair person who was confrontational, rude and extremely unkept. He told you that the portion of the roof needed to be replaced. You denied the claim based on that individuals statement. I was given a advocate who never contacted me or returned my calls. I spoke to numerous individuals, was treated extremely poorly by most and, was never once told that I was lied to when I purchased my policy. I just got off fr the phone with another advocate who told me that you do not cover tile roofs and, that leaks are only covered to $500! If this is the case, why did you send two repair people out to repair my roof? Why have I talked to numerous people in regards to this valid claim? I had a very reputable roof repair company fix my roof yesterday for $1350. I demand to be reimbursed the $1350 or the total of premiums I have paid minus the cost of the inferior garbage disposal you had installed. I am ready, with proof, to contact the insurance commissioner in both Texas and New Jersey. Better business bureaus and legal assistance. This was nothing more than a bait and switch and, I have never been treated so poorly. I am 100%disabled veteran and, a senior citizen. I do not deserve to be lied to and treated as poorly as I have been treated. Ted in your customer care department taunted me and was very disrespectful. What a disgrace and disappointment your company has turned out to be. Stephen Kaster 782 Via Lanza Street El Paso, Texas 79912 Policy number: 517391826

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