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Choice Home Warranty complaint statistics

  • 37 complaints filed

  • 4 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.5 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 75%

Choice Home Warranty Resolution Reviews

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Choice Home Warranty Latest Complaints

Discriminated and take advantage of

March 20, 2023, 5:45 p.m. by Karla

I was constantly approached by CHW calls/emails asking me to start a policy. I looked into it and started a policy, I even spoke to manager Cherene about my policy after submitting my claim, she assured me the claim would be taken care of and I just had to wait the 30 days after starting my policy, which I did. My home was built in the 1950s and I've lived here 2 years, it's like I jinxed myself by starting the policy with CHW because my plumbing and microwave started to have problems at the same time which is why I submitted both claims. Well I'm supposed to receive a check for $191 to replace my own over the range microwave (that is not even enough for a comparable microwave). The plumbing claim was denied even though I was told by manager Cherene that it would be covered. CHW is saying it won't cover my claim because it supposedly existed before the claim, which is false. I tried canceling my policy to get my money back so I can then try to find a plumber that can help me since this has been leaking already for a month and I don't want to wait longer than CHW has made me wait, they said out of $540 I paid for the year, that I would get $200 back because I've used the coverage for 2 months already (waiting time has been most of the time). I am extremely dissatisfied and I feel discriminated and taken advantage of because I had mentioned from the beginning that I am a single mom with 1 income and I need to make sure I use my money wisely, which I was reassured I would be helped with. Well now I was advised not to cancel my policy yet until the check for the microwave is issued which should've been issued a week or si ago and it still hasn't but I am still going to be charged the prorated rate till I receive my microwave check and then cancel the policy. I asked if they can stop the prorated charge since I'm just waiting on the check to be able to cancel the policy, and I was told they can't do that. So I asked if they can then please expedite the check so I can cancel my policy before I get charged more prorated fees and he said he can't. The person I spoke to is Jean Milien Sr. Escalation Case Manager 888-503-6847 ex.3059 and his higher up is Mike Chambers, Administrator but I was told I can't communicate with Mike. Please help me file a complaint with this company, they were so abdomen about me joining them that now that I need the help that they so much preached about, they are having me jump though hoops. I feel 100% discriminated for being a single mom and 100% taken advantage for being a single mom.

Almost died

March 13, 2023, noon by Robert

Hello I had my heat turned off due to an gas leak. I arranged for Choice Home Warrenty to send a technician out. Thank God the carbon monoxide detector went off. . The technician showed me pictures of how the furnace was rigged . He stated that whomever did work which were all Choice warrenty people tried to kill us . The fire 🔥 department stated that the machine was rigged and we could have died. My mom a senior had to go in the Ambulance along with myself and kids the youngest is 7 months. When we checked out lungs it had 8 % carbon I side. We were dizzy and had flu like symptoms. We have been without heat for two cold weeks. We had to purchase an electric fireplace heaters and firewood to keep warm out home have to be deep cleaned in order to make sure it's safe. Choice assigned a new technician who stated that we almost died and he have to replace the furnace with new pipes. My entire basement has a smell and I am reaching out to you for assistance before I seek other matters. I am a loyal costomer who have encouraged others to join the Choice team yet I am now concerned about the lack of skilled technicians who come out. I have eight children living in my home . And two senior citizen parents. And we still have no heat. Due to a lack of competence and compassion from Choce .all I get is I am sorry for your inconvenience. My step father is now in the hospital. The cold was not good for him I am asking for some form of resolution. Best Regards, Robert Ferguson

Choice Home Warranty complaint statistics

  • 37 complaints filed

  • 4 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.5 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 75%

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