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Chase Bank complaint statistics

  • 9 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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Gross Incompetence and Customer Abuse

April 18, 2020, 8:28 p.m. by Steven

My small business has been a customer of Chase (or banks it has acquired) since 1976. Chase has completely bungled implementation of the SBA PPP loam program. 1. Chase, unlike competitors, was not prepared to accept loan applications on April 3. (They sent an email on April 2 promising to inform me when they are ready to start accepting applications. 2. Chase did not send tje promised email. On April 5, I happened to log in to my personal checking account (linked to my corporate account), and I saw that Chase was asking business customers to show interest in the program (pre-application). This was supposed to be a "time-stamp" to determine the priority of processing subsequent applications. They apparently didn't use it for that purpose! Chase said that would CALL when they were open to accepting PPP loan applications. They NEVER called me. 3. On April 7, Chase send an email saying they were accepting applications. I was waiting for the promised phone call that never came. I happened to log into email on April 9 and saw this email. I filed an application shortly thereafter. 4. On April 10, Chase sent an email acknowledged that they had receive my application. 5. I heard nothing from Chase on April 16. I called my local branch office to ask how I could find out the status of my PPP loan application. I was told that I could not obtain that information. I needed to wait to hear. THAT IS ABSURD! A professionally operated bank would have all PPP loan applications in a relational database would should be able to answer that query online. Not Chase, because it behaved unprofessionally. The branch manager said that she would forward a complaint. I heard month. 6. Then I heard to the PPP loan amount funded by the CARES Act had been exhausted. I have heard nothing on the status of my application NOTHING. I also have heard nothing as to whether Chase will continue to process PPP loan application up to the point of funding so that Chase would be prepared to proceed if/when Congress appropriates additional funds. Chase has opted to keep its supposedly valued business customers in the dark rather than allow PPP applications to know where their loan application stands in the process and how things will be handled if additional funds are appropriated. The way Chase is handling this is unprofessional, inconsiderable, disrespectful, and incompetent. In 2008, Chase (too big to fail) was given a diamond by the federal government: Bear Stearns and Company at a bargain basement price. Chase made a fortune on that purchase. In 2020, Chase is clearly too big to succeed. It has processed a very small percentage of the PPP loan requests it received, at every stage of the process over the past two weeks Chase has been professionally incompetent in preparing for and processing PPP loan applications, and Chase has passively failed and actively refused to provide any information the PPP loan applicants other than those whose applications were approved and funded. Since Chase has shown that -- as the largest bank in the US -- it cannot meet the needs required to reasonably and responsively service its business customers, I will be asking its regulators to investigate Chase Bank and institute penalties such as fining CHase Bank and prohibiting it from taking on any new business accounts until it has demonstrated that it has the capacity to match the performance of its competitors.


Sept. 12, 2018, 4:06 p.m. by Bruce

Chase bank withheld my money,from the 28th of August to as of now this the 11th of September I have not recieved my social security benefits.My name is Bruce Daniels.I live in a homeless shelter,I am 68 yrs. old.My nephew stole my debet card out of my sister's purse.He used it to make a transaction I did not find out until I read an e-mail from Chase.So I called to get the card canceled and get a replacement.At that time I was told I should close my bank account with Chase.I went a branch office to do that,but was told I couldn't because I owed them 196.00 dollars.Then I was told my account was frozen.I went to a Chase branch Downtown Dallas on Friday the 31 on Elm St. and was told my account was closed and I would receive my money minus the 196.00 dollars on Wensday the 5th of September.I returned on the 5th and was told that both my checks was returned to social security.I went to social security and was told they had not recieved it.I went back to Chase on the 7th and was told my account was closed but they decided to take the 196.00 out send the partial in a check to the homeless shelter.and the other check back to social security.That was when I realzed my account had to be still open and they were lying to me and giving me the red tape treatment.I haven't sleep or eaten well since this nightmare has occured.In the meantime I had been calling customer service and was tolld all kind of different things .Some one at Chase bakk has been playing with my mind,It's got to be someone that don't respect Black People.Senior citizens, people that have worked for their money.Im not a ritch man and I need my money to pay for things I deserve.After this i'm going to the BBB to complain so this won't happen to anyone else.I thought they were grown up people but to play around with my money is unforgiving.I'm any old homeless and don't have the resources to fight back,thats why I come to u.I will be talking to legal aide about if they infringed on my civil rights for lying to me about my account being closed.I pray no one else has to get trod on by a big buisness like Chase.I'm nothing to them so why want to make my life more miserable than what it is.A homeless trying to get it right.Thank you for listening.My e-mail is

Chase Bank complaint statistics

  • 9 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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