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Casper "returns" your mattress, but than changes mind

Aug. 29, 2019, 10:12 a.m. by Theresa

I am writing because I feel like Casper has poor customer service so far and I'd like to offer them the chance to redeem themselves. I have been giving a mattress a chance despite the poor sleep quality I am receiving from it. I spent a little over $2000 on it and have had a bad experience with it giving me a strong ache in my lower back area whenever I sleep on it. It's called The Wave and is supposed to be their high end version of a mattress. I wake up unrested and even in pain like a pinch in my lower back every day despite how much sleep I try to get.. I have had this mattress since about October 10th. I decided I would call and see if there's anything Casper customer service can do since I'm so unhappy with it. I called their main line and chose Returns department. I explained the situation and that I was hoping for a return even though I had bought it on October 3rd. Most mattress companies now have a 365 day trial so I didn't think it would be denied AND it wasn't. I was told I could have a pickup the next day by 1-800-Got-Junk and that I could photograph and send them the pickup slip to get the return initiated. The representative I spoke to was Caleo who is based in the Casper Ohio customer service office. This employee seemed extremely hungover, disinterested, vague, and generally unprofessional. He didn't explain any of the process unless I asked at each step of the way and also YAWNED on the phone with me. Just.. strange. I got off the phone happy and grateful despite the strange experience but I also thought wow that's great but I still don't really understand this and I didn't get a confirmation number or anything. My boyfriend John then asks me questions and I realize I don't know. I call back and get Bre from the Ohio office who tells me she doesn't understand what I'm saying even though I tell her what I told him and I tell her I didn't know there was a less than industry standard trial of 100 days but I told Caleo and he told me I can return the mattress and set up a pickup time. Bre tells me she's going to go talk to a manager but then she tells me later that she doesn't have any managers staffed there so she's actually just talking to the customer service team lead. Twice, she put me on hold to talk to a "manager". When I asked to be connected to talk to the manager she told me it's a team lead and wouldn't give me their name - which I also thought was abnormal. I spent about an hour on the phone between both of them and this has caused a great deal of stress for me with a company that I already feel has an inferior product that's negatively affecting my health. I am requesting a refund because I was granted one but then was told only because I called back that it wasn't actually going to be refunded. They probably would have told me that after they'd take away my $2000 mattress if I hadn't called back. Kindly advise if there are alternative solutions. I have attempted to contact a manager and also to escalate to no avail. I am an intelligent person with multiple business degrees and a background in business and customer service and feel this is a very poor attempt at customer satisfaction on their end. One last chance..... will you be able to resolve this more amicably?

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