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428 Tolland Turnpike, Manchester CT 06040


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(860) 474-1000


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Bob's Discount Furniture complaint statistics

  • 24 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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Lousy corporate situation when dealing wiTh MY BOB’S

July 13, 2022, 4:54 p.m. by Elaine

My complaint is about corporate policies. The staff at the Springfield PA store were very helpful and easy to work with. They continue to help me navigate your lousy system. The delivery men were very considerate and accommodating. My complaint is with Corporate Bob and the very user unfriendly system that they set up. I ordered the Chadwick captain bed with trundle combination on November 13, 2021 with the matching desk. I put down a $500.00 deposit. I understood that between Covid and supply chain issues there would be a wait. I did decide to get the desk as I wait for the bed. When I set this up on your customer service lines to get the desk, no one told me I needed to put more money down. I was given a delivery day, waited home and no one ever came. What felt like a million calls later I was told that this matter is handled by the store manager who was Rebecca at the time. The desk was $299.00 and I just assumed the $500.00 would cover it. Rebecca explained that there are formulas for how much is due. She set up a delivery date and I finally received the desk. Every week I received an email telling me the bed was still being delayed and not to call anyone! Tell me why not was there no one who could just explain to me the delay or have any new updates. Then I got a notice that my mattresses were in and ready to deliver, but again not the bed. So I called and the representative told me that yes my bed would be ready for delivery on July 12 but they were not allowed to schedule it until the next day, the computer would not allow it, so I had to call back and schedule both the bed and the mattresses within the company framework . When I called customer service to check on my delivery I was routed somewhere outside of the United States and given the wrong time window for the delivery. I am excited, I love this bed and can’t wait to enjoy the room. The truck arrives and of course the bed sent is really damaged. Not just a few scratches but deep cracks and chunks missing. I call customer service and am told that I can have the bed delivered Friday at the time that fits into the schedule. WHY DO I HAVE TO REARRANGE MY SCHEDULE AGAIN ON FRIDAY! You should have delivered a new item within 24 hours. I did not put an unacceptable piece of furniture on the truck. And why after waiting 8 months I have to accommodate your computer systems set up by your company and call you back. I was also told that I should get compensated but I have to call back after the delivery. ONCE AGAIN, I HAVE TO ACCOMMODATE CORPORATE BOB. I am greatly disappointed in your corporate practices.

Bob's Discount Furniture complaint statistics

  • 24 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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