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Low Grade Service

July 29, 2020, 6:23 p.m. by Benthney

I feel for Bath & Body Works they should use UPS not USPS for their shipping services, and better customer service training. I called today and spoke with rep Courtney to find out if they knew anything with my shipment that should've been delivered on 7/28/20. After she informed me that my shipment was in route and that I should receive it today 7/29/20, I tried explaining to her that per USPS they left me a ticket stating at 3:01 PM on 7/28/20 they tried to deliver my package but I wasn't available nor was a secure location (not true). Still continuing with my events the rep started to cut me off and in return, I had to cut her off and ask if I could finish explaining what was happening. I work from home, I'm here all day and I have a doorbell monitoring system that records any type of movement in front of my door and USPS were not on there at the time or date they stated they tried delivering. Now I placed an order for redelivery with USPS and have heard nothing ALL day again or on my camera system, so for the rep Courtney at Bath & Body to tell me it was in delivery when delivery stops at 5:30 PM where I am is false. I called and spoke with Courtney at 5:49 PM. I don't think I'd be this upset if Courtney didn't cut me off while I was trying to explain to her the situation after I gave her the time to inform me that my package is in route and would receive it today (when that was not true). Courtney did place a new order for redelivery but now after waiting this long I now have to wait another 3-5 business days for my order that should've been here on 7/28/20. The purpose for delivery is for convenience and especially with what's going on with COVID. This is my 1st order I've ever placed with Bath & Body Works and after being a customer for years it will be my last whether I receive my package or not. I used a gift card for this purchase because I shop there so much and my family knows it. I usually spend it shopping in house but with what's going on the I wanted delivery.

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