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AT&T complaint statistics

  • 91 complaints filed

  • 5 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.2 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 80%

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Incorrect Billing

March 14, 2023, 3:45 a.m. by Jarod

We have had this account since 1991 with currently 7 lines and internet. For over a year i have been trying to get this bill reasonable. Currently over $500. I was told for all the discounts i was eligible for the bill should be between 350-400. Back in August 2022 i was so frustrated i called customer loyalty. Was on the phone for over 4 hours straight! Went thru 11 employees of which some were supposedly supervisors. I was passed back and forth over and over and had to retell my the contents of my issue for all 11 people. Then finally the one person that said they could help me, make the corrections, and refund overcharges.....well I mysteriously got disconnected while talking to them. One of the people i talked to said at the least they would go ahead sign me up for paperless billing and autopay so I would receive those discounts on all lines (never did!). They say it won't be reflected until the 2nd or 3rd bill. Never got the discounts. Also cancelled the insurance but it is still on the bill. I have called and called. Requested these changes be made before i pay another bill yet they never have. I tried to set up a payment agreement twice on the app so this could be discussed before suspension because it says i owe over $1600. Now the account has been suspended and of course no one can do anything now, not speak to me, nor look at bill until the INCORRECT $1600 bill is paid. Exhausting. I have been overcharged for over a year now. I have been in to the store. Talked with store manager while he called customer loyalty. But It never gets done. If notes are made on account it should be very easy to see how many times i have made requests for bill corrections. Had this account for over 30 years with currently 7 lines. But I know its a drop in the hat of the revenue AT&T has coming in and they could care less if this account is happy, defaults, or pays and is miserable until leaving. This is my last straw before BBB or arbitration.

AT&T complaint statistics

  • 91 complaints filed

  • 5 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.2 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 80%

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