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IPAD Refund

Oct. 10, 2022, 2:36 p.m. by Helena

I went into ATT Store in St Augustine, FL about 26 May and wanted new IPAD 13 but they didn’t have any in store so was mailed one. Received around 28 May. I was in Asheville,NC and paid off the IPAD around the 1st of June. I received the screen protector & case & was putting them on and found scratch on screen. I then took into ATT store in Arlington, VA & they said couldn’t do anything. I then called to find out what to do to get fixed. They told me I needed to send back so I shipped back to ATT on 6 JUNE from UPS store. I then bought a new IPAD 13 from the Apple store as I was flying out to go back to Saudi Arabia where stationed. I’ve been trying to get the money back ever since. I’ve made several calls from Saudi Arabia to ATT billing to get issues resolved. During these calls I was told that I needed to go to the store that originally sold me the IPAD. I then asked them to send me back the IPAD that I sent back via UPS & they said that can’t be done because it was in the ATT refund warehouse somewhere & couldn’t be returned. On 8/8 they credited my Visa $1299.99. Then on 9/3 they added &1299.99 to my ATT bill then gave me a credit of $57 & told me I owed & $1242.99 which they put on my ATT bill. They also kept charging monthly fee for the returned IPAD number. Also charged me monthly insurance fee for the IPAD that bought from APPLE store. I was in the ST Augustine ATT store for 3 hours on the phone with ATT customer service trying to get this issue resolved, they kept asking me for the IPAD return tracking number which I don’t have.and the bottom line was they said I’d have to eat the $1242.99. So the bottom line is they are charging me the IPAD 13 that I sent back trying to get a refund and no longer have. What makes matters more complicated is that I’ve got a combination bill for DIRECTV, home phone, internet and cell phone. When I was getting near the end of conversation I kept asking the agent “ so your telling me that I have to lose $1242.99 for an IPAD that I sent back” and she never really answered the question. Then when I asked for number to the other department that was making the decision she said they don’t have a phone number. If you can assist me with this, y’all are miracle workers. It’d be different if it was $100 that I was losing.

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