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iPhone X

Dec. 7, 2019, 7:20 p.m. by Saleh

I bought an iPhone X on October 2017 right after Apple starts to sell it. 4 months after I bought it I couldn’t here anyone call me so I called Apple and they told me that they gonna change it to me. I received phone on second day and I sent the one I have then I surpassed that they changed me over $500 and when I called them they told me that the phone has a little cracked screen on the top corner. I tried to explain to them that I did NOT cracked my phone. They said no sir we received it with a cracked in the top corner. It was no time to argue because I had to leave the states to Dubai (UAE) because my wife at the hospital and she was going to deliver my daughter. 3 months later when I was in Dubai I woke up with a green screen and the phone stop working I went to Apple right there they changed the screen for me and the phone always so hot since I fix it. Also my wife phone did the same thing ( green screen and so hot ) they told me that’s because of the weather. I was like really okay. So I had to change both screens. Now my phone cracked from back side while it’s in my pocket !!!! My brother phone did the same thing couple months ago cracked while it’s in his pocket and you guys changed to him. I really don’t understand how come I pay over $1200 in phone pulse over $500 to fix something I don’t even see it in my phone , to change the phone and keep fixing it every couple months. It’s Apple products. We are a 15 person family we all have Apple . We all decided to stop buying Apple products. All our IPhone X changed more than once for exactly same issues. My wife and my brother changed them phone free. You charged me more than 500 for no reason I tried to wave it on my card and they forced me to pay it plus lower credit scores. Now my phone cracked from the back side and I can’t even call because I know what gonna happened. You guys gonna send me replacement then second day you gonna charge me whatever. All I have to do now after the complaint is I will take a copy and picture of the phone and the emails and I will post it on the all social media I can. Thank you Apple.

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