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(317) 297-5478(317) 396-9134(317) 803-3973(888) 888-5478(866) 623-6088 (customer service)


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Dec. 1, 2022, 11:30 a.m. by Martin

Contracted with Richard McGarry (TD Construction Co.). email - cell - 727-304-7131 contract date/ and cash deposit 11/8/2022. contact total amount $3300. $1650 cash upfront ( his crew came to my home and collected the cash deposit- I let very uncomfortable to give him cash- he convinced me to do this) before start date. Start date was 11/9/2022 Job included following ( have copy of contract that he sent me 11/8/2022 below) 1) sod removal and cut about 1 1/2 inch below surface 2) intergraded barrier to place around palm trees 3) 7 pallets of sod to be installed( Floritam) 4) leveling af backyard and also straying for bugs prior to laying sod 5) after installation of sod. I will spray fertilizer down along with nontoxic bug stray as well * Balance of $1650 cash upon completion. (cash required from Richard) they started on 11/9 and came to job site with not all their equipment to the job in a timely fashion Delay on sod delivery from 11/12 to 11/30 He stated the delay for not finishing the job because he could not sod. I found several co to deliver sod with no problem 1-2 days delivery time. Richard only uses his suppliers. I suggested to Richard to please refund $350 of the monies that I already paid him. (the yard still needs leveling) I think this very fair and he telling he is going to Zelle the monies but still haven't received it. I am a very reasonable customer and want to pay for the work he completed. 3 weeks to complete this job is ridiculous. Need your help with his Company. he bragged how much his family has and he would drag it thought court system and I would waste tons of money. I have text from Richard making all these promises and threats. Martin Cruz 530-304-1558

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