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Filing a complaint costs $9

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June 27, 2022, 3:13 p.m.

Following these failed attempts to get any type of resolution (see complaint details below), I contacted No No No and had them file my complaint as they said they could get through the bureaucratic red tape to get my complaint heard within 24-48 hours. The next morning I had an email from the founder of No No No telling me the complaint was filed and had been read already. Two hours later I got a call from AHS following up on my complaint, telling me they already initiated action and gave me their direct line and said they would stay with the case until resolved. They put me in touch with their appliance department who immediately addressed the issue and provided me with replacement options. We decided to purchase locally and get reimbursed. The reimbursement check arrived within 2 weeks, about the same time our new range was delivered. We were very pleased with the quick response and resolution after all of our failed attempts to get any help with our problem up to that point. Only wished we knew about No No No before we got so frustrated and lost so much time. I would recommend them to anyone facing similar issues. I opened a service request on April 10th to have our range repaired. The assigned contractor was Sears, who subcontracts to A&E Service. They were prompt in showing up on April 12 to diagnose the problem. They ordered parts, which took several weeks to arrive. They came back on April 28th to complete the repairs. In the process of doing that, they discovered the bake element had fused to the panel part it was mounted to. In the process of trying to remove the fused element, the panel was damaged beyond repair. They said they would order that part and rescheduled us to May 7th. Then they rescheduled us to May 17th, then again to May 27th. During these repeated delays I kept trying to get a response from A&E, Sears and AHS as to what the delay was. All I was told was they were waiting for the part to arrive. In reality, what I subsequently learned was the part was never ordered as they could not find a part number. At this point, unable to get any assistance from your service team that was not simply repeating what I already knew, I made contact with Mark in your retention department.My contact was up for renewal, so I thought this was the only avenue available to me to get someone to try to help. Mark did just that. He reached out to Sears and after a couple days got an email response explaining the situation. I then said can we now move forward with options on how we are going to get a working range again, after almost 2 months without one? On May 27th, I ended up back with your Service department who said they needed an official diagnosis from Sears before they could move forward. I said the email Mark had should be enough. Ignoring that option, the service person put me on hold and said he would contact Sears. When he came back on the line, he said he made contact, they verified the situation and he now had everything he needed to compile a report to send to your Authorization department, which he said he did before we hung up. He said I would get an email in 24-48 hours. Even allowing for the weekend and Memorial day, I did not receive any emails from AHS. On May 31st, I then ended up back on the phone with another service person from AHS. After relating the entire story again, I was told they would have to contact Sears and get an official diagnosis before they could do anything. Totally frustrated at this point, I reiterated this was already done last Friday, or so I was told by the previous agent, on May 27th. No matter what I said, it made no difference. I was assured it would be escalated and I would have a response by EOB on the 31st. Needless to say, I received no emails or any response from AHS. SInce my contract was expiring on June 1st, and since I thought the problem was resolved the previous Friday, I actually renewed my contract, in good faith, on May 31st before I had the conversation with your service department again. Foolish me. I called again on June 1st and or June 2nd. I tried your retention department again as that was the only place where someone actually did what they said they would do. I spoke to Chris, employee number 752911, assuming this was actually his name and employee number. Forgive my skepticism at this point. I got the same exact story from him, i.e. I need to contact Sears to get their official diagnosis before we can do anything. AT which point after multiple pointless efforts to explain this was the third or fourth time I had been told this same BS. He assured me he would personally follow up and make sure this gets properly resolved.I have heard nothing since. We are now 4 days away from not having a working range for two months. This is totally unacceptable and the lack of performance from your service department members as well as A&E Service, aka Sears in not divulging sooner that they could not get the part is unforgivable as far as customer service is concerned So how do I get a working range sooner than later? Checking the market, a like replacement is about 2 months out in terms of availability, so that would put us at 4 months without a working range. I don't know about you, but this is a huge inconvenience to my family.

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