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May 17, 2023, 10:19 a.m.

My huband and I booked an Airbnb in Tucson AZ for the month of January 2023. On November 23 2022 my husband was hopitalized, and airlifted from a hospital in Minnesota to Fargo ND. It was the only place that had a bed, and could handle his illness. He had contracted Sepsis, and had a Liver abcess. His chances of survival were very slim. During all of this, I made the mistake of calling our host in Tucson. I should have messaged her because of course there is no record of this conversation! I explained our situation, and that I knew we were out of the cancellation/reimbursment window but was there any way that we could recoup our money given the extreme situation. I was told that I could cancel, and if any of the dates ended up being book, she would reimburse us for those days. ( Of course none of this was in writing.) I proceeded to check the listing on a number of occasions, and by January 11, the dates were all booked. I then contacted the host by message wanting to start the reimbursement process. The message I received back was "contact airbnb"???? She told airbnb the dates were not booked, and that she would not reimburse us our $4679.13. I feel like I was scammed by the host,and taken advantage of during the most tramatic time in our lives. I contacted airbnb numerous times, and was given the run around. It wasn't until my husband ( yes he somehow survived, and was released from the hospital on January26) contacted No No, that we ended up receiving $449.13 from airbnb as a courtesy. While we thank airbnb for the $449.13, it does not cover the money that we lost on the Tucson booking. I would think that airbnb would have shown a little more integrity in dealing with us in this situation. I also pointed out to airbnb that my children and I spent $7000.00 on airbnbs while we were staying in Fargo to be with our husband/dad. It didn't seem to make a difference to them.... My husband is still recovering, but when he is able to travel again, we will be using vrbo from now on!

All State Van Lines Relocation Latest Complaints

Moving fiasco and corruption

July 15, 2022, 6:24 p.m. by al

All State Van Lines Relocation Early 2016, I searched moving companies for a 1,100 mile move. Allstate’s Joe Barney claimed the best price and best customer service, but neither proved accurate. He rated the move as small and inexpensive. We spoke several times, and he viewed our goods on a realtor website. I described items not visible on the website. Each time, a quality control guy confirmed the price, which was estimated around $2,200 to $2,300. I paid a deposit of nearly $1,000. I told Barney the movers will depart prior to us, and we planned to stop for a business trip. He said that should not be a problem, the movers do not take the load directly to the destination. They stop at other locations, and may temporarily store the load. He assured the business trip should not be a problem. The move date was set, and was given to Roxanne Hudson, “Travel Coordinator”. She repeated that our business trip would not be a problem. She gave us a window of 3/22 – 4/5 for the delivery. During that time, I eliminated heavy items, including a motorcycle and large footman. I thought that would reduce the cost. The movers arrived in a Ryder truck at noon, Tuesday, 3/22, and gave us the truth: All State is only a broker; the cost was $1,400 over the estimate; the movers needed to deliver on Friday, 3/25, possibly negating our business trip; and they continually hear complaints of Allied incompetence/misleading information. As the movers said, ‘You pay the deposit and get screwed’. We notified Hudson who promised to work to extend the delivery. She promised to call us 10:30 the next morning. We then planned not to leave until after her 10:30 call. Wednesday morning 10:30, 3/23, no call from Hudson, and our calls to were unanswered. Calls to Barney were also unanswered. Neither answered or returned messages all day. We were left completely in the dark. We departed later that day and arrived at our business trip very late. We finally reached Hudson early Thursday morning, 3/24. She remembered nothing about the move, and said All State has no control over the delivery date. She added that the movers plan to arrive Friday, and warned that delays would cost $1,000 a day. In a furious panic, Marlene called the movers directly. They rescheduled the delivery for Saturday, 3/26 at no extra cost. I demanded Allied replace Hudson, and I planned to withhold payment until I get answers. We had to hurry on the 900 mile trip, and I will never forget Marlene’s worry. During our trip, Thursday 3/24, Chad and Kerlene (Hudson’s supervisor) called, but only to ask for payment. Chad had no interest in our problems. Kerlene only made excuses. I told Kerlene we did not need All State at this point and were communicating directly with the movers. Saturday morning, 3/26, Kerlene called with a delivery time. I informed her that the movers told us 2 hours before, and repeated that we did not need Allied. The movers again described Allied incompetence and misleading information, and begged us not to let it affect their tip. In dealing with Allied our business trip was cancelled, and a $2,300 move became almost $4,000. Because of that, we arrived in Florida with only $2,000. Things, of course, get better if you make a concerted effort to work at it. I have since sent Yelp a complaint, but than I saw on their website that they had kind of sold out, as well. When we move near the end of the year after the mid-term elections, I could hire them only to tell them what I think, but that would be like revenge, and they may be out of business anyway, I don’t know. I like to think most bad businesses will suffer mightily with a recession. The mover (Move Relo Van Lines LLC) damaged and lost things. They to get out of it every way possible. They finally made good, but only after a great deal of effort on our parts.

All State Van Lines Relocation complaint statistics

  • 1 complaints filed

  • 0 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating NA / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again NA

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