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AirBnB complaint statistics

  • 7 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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May 17, 2023, 10:19 a.m.

My huband and I booked an Airbnb in Tucson AZ for the month of January 2023. On November 23 2022 my husband was hopitalized, and airlifted from a hospital in Minnesota to Fargo ND. It was the only place that had a bed, and could handle his illness. He had contracted Sepsis, and had a Liver abcess. His chances of survival were very slim. During all of this, I made the mistake of calling our host in Tucson. I should have messaged her because of course there is no record of this conversation! I explained our situation, and that I knew we were out of the cancellation/reimbursment window but was there any way that we could recoup our money given the extreme situation. I was told that I could cancel, and if any of the dates ended up being book, she would reimburse us for those days. ( Of course none of this was in writing.) I proceeded to check the listing on a number of occasions, and by January 11, the dates were all booked. I then contacted the host by message wanting to start the reimbursement process. The message I received back was "contact airbnb"???? She told airbnb the dates were not booked, and that she would not reimburse us our $4679.13. I feel like I was scammed by the host,and taken advantage of during the most tramatic time in our lives. I contacted airbnb numerous times, and was given the run around. It wasn't until my husband ( yes he somehow survived, and was released from the hospital on January26) contacted No No, that we ended up receiving $449.13 from airbnb as a courtesy. While we thank airbnb for the $449.13, it does not cover the money that we lost on the Tucson booking. I would think that airbnb would have shown a little more integrity in dealing with us in this situation. I also pointed out to airbnb that my children and I spent $7000.00 on airbnbs while we were staying in Fargo to be with our husband/dad. It didn't seem to make a difference to them.... My husband is still recovering, but when he is able to travel again, we will be using vrbo from now on!

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Aurbnb Unjust Discrimination Practices

March 17, 2023, 1:35 p.m. by Rene

As a new host with Airbnb of a brand new remodelled and newly furnished apartment with positive 5 Star reviews, I cannot believe the injustice airbnb has showed me, insread of seeking the truth they chose to take the side of a lying racist bigot guest, it appears they agree with discrimination. I've spent 8 hours yesterday on the phone for half the time and texting them sending photos the rest of that time trying to contact support to no avail they just kept giving me the round around, I'm sorely disappointed with their resolution maligning me as a host when a guest canceled upon arrival citing she saw a "bum" who is a neighbor, a person of color, stray cats, that everything in the neighborhood "stinks" building stinks apartment stinks, everything stinks, puke everywhere in the alley and garages, none of her allegations are true, I sent them real time photos offered a video call no one cares, she went the extreme claiming that there are "mold" uncleanness when there are none, Karen simply saw a person of color and it went downhill for her. She thinks they stink, she wants to puke, so airbnb gave her a full refund despite the no refunds for cancelation if not cancelled before 48 hours policy. I still do not know what lies this guest is talking about Airbnb claimed she has documentation which they fail neglected refused to show me so how is any host suppose to eradicate any issues or continue hosting. Their adjudication process adjudicating for guests against a host for failing "Host Standards" is one sided it is so unfair so flawed so unjust it is based on a guest's lies and discrimination it shocks the conscience. I have asked for the matter to be escalated to management to no avail. How do I continue this listing with 12 more bookings if airbnb simply malign hosts without more and expect hosts to host xith alleged puke mold bums one cannot find? Guest claimed my brand new fridge leaked, it doesn't, i asked if she was repulsed by ethnic foods me as the host left in the fridge for guests to enjoy. Guest blew my mind with her lies and won with Airbnb . We still could not find any mold nor puke everywhere nor uncleanness of apartment at the property this guest is claiming but airbnb chose to stand by her lies without giving the host any opportunity to address any claims. They simply do not care, host are simply their tool, they take no action against a liar racist bigot and stood by her lies against hosts. How does anyone call a neighbor a "bum" based on his skin color, lie about everything and still win a full refund with airbnb, who hold her lies against me the host ? This brand new apartment guest claimed was unclean or moldy was deep cleaned the day before her check in with brand new linens, there is simply no mold no uncleanness i was there i saw it i have havdover photos, i even let this guest check in 7 hours earlier at no cost left her snacks food bottled water fruits eggs legumes, I had bought baby food for her kids and this is how airbnb and guests repays our kindness. There is no violation of host standards if the guest does not want to be in a neighborhood of color, she stooped this low to call them "bums", her racial based allegations of puke stink cats and all her lies are on her, not the host. Nobody can host with airbnb if they stand with guest discrimination and lies

AirBnB complaint statistics

  • 7 complaints filed

  • 1 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 5.0 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 100%

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