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I was accused of shop lifting at JC Penny’s

Jan. 15, 2020, 6:39 a.m. by Constance

To whom it may concern, I Constance Moore & two of my friends (Sharon Waton & Alexis Johnson) went shopping at JC Penny’s when we was falsely accused of shop lifting on 1/4/20 at 5886 Highway 100 in Washington Mo. 63090 Sharon & I went to the home department we noticed so pillows were on sale but didn’t know which sale price they were so Sharon & I went to the cashier to see how much they were and the cashier told us they were $4.99 so we instantly brought our pillows and cashier to us they had a sale in the entire store we continue shopping when Sharon decide to try on some items so we went to dressing room while trying on her items Alexis & I sat outside the dressing room & when I decided not to get my items I had in my cart so I got up to put back my items when two officers approached us and said Hey Lady’s we got a call that three black womens were shop lifting when I said how we shop lifting when we brought items then the officer replied and sai I don’t know we just got a call so we’re is y’all friend so I turned around talking to the other officer when I heard my friend Alexis say why u going through my purse so I turned around and said why are u going in my purse so my other friend Sharon come out the dressing room and said what’s going on so as we telling her what’s going on the same officer who went in my purse went into her dressing room so at this point I say I don’t even want the pillows I just want my money back because of accusing me of shopping lifting when I just spent my money they embarrassed, & humiliating us had people looking at us like we was really stealing so we walked back up to the cashiers as the officer’s fellowed us back up to the cashier who checked us out and told him I no longer wanted my items because I was accused of something I didn’t do so as the cashier about to do my return the JC Penny’s lady Robin who call the police she brought the officer the phone and said this management on the phone so when he get on the phone he say so the returning they items what u want us to do the officers got off the phone and said don’t do the return he said know and that we had to leave the store but not only was we accused of something we didn’t do but we also was put out for something we didn’t do just imagining that I was so angry for them to do such thing we all have good jobs and could have lost our jobs for being accused of something we didn’t do I was so mad I was crying they told us we had to leave and couldn’t return our items they really humiliated then told us we had to leave off they property before they get us for trust passing the officer said so we told they we ain’t did anything we was getting accused of something we didn’t do and they know we didn’t do and was treated like we was nothing I need to know wat I need to do because I’ve talked to my lawyer about it because they can’t be accusing people of doing things like that I’m 36 years old and I’m working in the nursing field I could’ve lost my licensing for being accused of something I did do I have 3 kids and a grandchild I was so devastated and really couldn’t believe it

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