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ADT complaint statistics

  • 87 complaints filed

  • 17 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.59 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 82%

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ADT - Deceptive Customer Interactions

March 23, 2023, 11:25 a.m. by Aaron

Extended Warranty Issue We made an appointment to have an additional keypad installed. When the installation agreement was emailed to us it contained an extended warranty charge of $1.24 monthly. Nobody discussed this with us, or asked our permission to add this fee. We then contacted customer service to have this fee removed, but ADT stated they couldn't remove the charge until AFTER the bill was paid. Then the service tech came out and we asked him to remove this fee. But...If we didn't sign the agreement "as is", the installation would have to be rescheduled and we would be charged ANOTHER $100 trip fee. We asked the tech to remove the fee before we signed it, and he showed us that he was also not allowed to remove this monthly fee either, because this fee because this option was "grayed out" on his iPad. As of this writing, my wife has been on the phone for 45 minutes attempting to get this monthly fee removed, she's being bounced around from department to department....all for $1.24 per month. So far, she has been unsuccessful in getting this monthly fee removed from our account. Easy Pay Auto Enrollment As part of this keypad install, we had to pay the installation bill with a credit card. Then without our knowledge, our credit card was used to automatically to enroll us into "Easy Pay". The idea is now our monthly bills would be paid with our credit card (vs mailed check, our current process). We had to contact customer service (once again) to get Easy Pay removed, we assume this was completed successfully...but who knows until we get the next bill? Although, I'm sure we signed an agreement in small print somewhere which gives ADT permission to do all of these things...this misses the point. ADT is violating its customer's trust with its deceptive practices.

ADT breach of contract. Unacceptable installation of products/services.

March 18, 2023, 8:55 p.m. by Lynn

The following are the contract transactions I had with ADT for the past 6 months. They entangled me in endless and unresolved billing disputes. Please help: 1. In September, 2022, an ADT sales consultant, Abida Ghafori, connected with me to install ADT burglary alarm service at my new home under construction in Mountain View, CA. She proposed a contract of $4,860, the pre-wiring portion under this contract was completed in November, 2022; the finished portion is still pending due at the final state of the house construction. I have no complaints under this contract. 2. At this time, Abida approached me to re-activate the burglary alarm service at my current house in Saratoga, California for $599 installation cost (this house was previously owned by my son and he cancelled ADT when he sold it to me). The re-activation work was completed in October, 2022; the alarm system works great and meets all our needs. ADT has now started to link all contracts under this Saratoga address. The problem now begins when Abida started selling me ADT CCTV contracts as follows: 3. Abida then approached me to sell a CCTV system for the Mountain View house for a contract of $3,810 with a deposit of $419.67 December 7, 2022; there has been no work on this. 4. At the same time Abida presented me with a new ADT CCTV system for my guest house in San Jose, CA to replace existing self-installed wireless Arlo surveillance cameras. These provide great visibility and excellent motion-sensor activity history; however, their on-line connection too frequently failed, prompting me to accept ADT's proposed solution with promised new wiring for a wired system and keeping other features now offered by Arlo (excellent camera view and motion-sensor activity history). I paid $191.41 down-payment under a contract of $1,722.65 for installation on November 19, 2022. This contract has caused me headaches ever since. After numerous attempts to pre-wire for the new CCTV, ADT unilaterally abandoned the wiring and system promised. Instead, in December ADT decided to use the existing 12-year old wiring not used for many years (built in with the house construction in 2010). ADT also installed a system that was not specified in the contract (in emails). ADT charged me another $1,759.11 on December 7, 2022 (exceeding the contract amount). The cameras' quality is poor and the DVR provides no event (activity) history. Abida at this time suggested that I emailed my complaints to her supervisor and a manager at CCTV. After 2 months, a technician finally showed up to unpleasantly tell me whatever services I now receive at this San Jose address is what ADT offers. At this point on February 13, 2023, I decided to email the ADT people involved to request a cancellation and a refund of all money paid for CCTV contracts (unrelated to the alarm services), a total of $2,370.19 as I believe ADT clearly breached their contract with installation service (no wiring work) and unacceptable camera system. I also cancelled the yet to be installed CCTV contract at my Mountain View house (keeping the alarm contract). No action from ADT, no cancellation and no refund. Except, Abida told me I am entitled to a cancellation and refund. On March 10, 2023, I resorted to my credit card company and sought help for the refund. I dispute the charges, due to breach of contract and unsatisfactory CCTV service/product provided. On March 16, 2023, I spoke to many ADT customer service representatives. My dispute was escalated to 4 different levels at ADT, with the last person, Chamay, reportedly the highest level in customer service, suggested I file a written complaint. Chamay promised to keep the alarm contract at my Saratoga house active and un-affected by current CCTV problems. She would unbundle it and will keep my pending alarm contract at the Mountain View house under construction active. Chamay advised me to allow for 2 business days for the unbundling to go into effect and for me to then provide a new credit card to replace an expired one. I agreed. Please help. I feel exhausted with ADT service (or lack of it) and I am disappointed with the breach of contract. Lynn Barringer 408-960-9615

ADT complaint statistics

  • 87 complaints filed

  • 17 Resolution reviews

  • Resolution rating 4.59 / 5

  • Customers willing to do business again 82%

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