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ADT unresponsive to 14 Larsspur Lan, Newtown PA

Nov. 26, 2022, 7:15 a.m. by reynold

I sent this email to Alex Sabo, sales representative with NO response! I wanted to summarize our disappointment with ADT installation: As a loyal customer, we really did not feel there was adequate or particularly any attention to detail. It took two visits over 2 weeks to simply convert the Citadel system to the ADT. Each time the job was not accomplished, our next visit was placed a general queue for scheduling. Ultimately, we need to work for home when this is really inconvenient. The closed camera placement was a fiasco. They arrived worked all day but could not finish the job. Additionally, they damaged a picture and cracked molding. The consequences are that the ADT adjuster now wants a formal quote from our contractor for repair. Again, inconveniencing us because of your mistakes without a clear plan for resolution! This mistake will likely take weeks to resolve at our inconvenience and effort. The work site in the basement and throughout left the carpet with debris that we were told the workers don't clean till the work was done! Well, I guess the homeowners simply live with dirt till the next visit can be scheduled? The follow-up visit is now scheduled for December 1! A full 10 days since ADT started the closed camera installation!! Why could the cameras not be finished on Friday or Saturday after you started the job? We are now almost a month into a painful and disappointing installation. We still have no cameras, the upstairs windows are still not alarmed, we have damage that needs to be resolved and we PAID A PREMEUM for this aggravation. When we transferred service from our former 423 Brister residence, we were told the alarm would be disconnected. This did not occur; when the electric service was turned off the alarm sounded incessantly. I needed to disconnect the backup battery. We called ADT who assured us the alarm was disconnected. When the new owners turned on the electric service the alarm sounded again. Obviously, the new owners were upset; I called Alex and our realtor to resolve the issue. Again, a complete lack of communication, follow-up and concern for the customer. Please share this information with your manager. If you had this experience, would you use ADT or recommend ADT? I chose a National company over a local company because of reputation, obviously I was wrong. I'm happy to publish our experience on YELP and on your website to hopefully spare others such disappointing and egregious events. Please advise.

After 15 call to ADT nothing is happening about my issue

Nov. 11, 2022, 10:55 a.m. by John

My name is John Geenty. I live at 12 Berwick Street, Worcester, MA. My Wife and I have an alarm system with ADT. Back in June, 2022, we contracted with ADT to add to our ADT system due to the fact we had an addition being built. Hardwiring has been done. In September, 2022, the hardware was installed. At no time had ADT filed for a permit with the City of Worcester. Subsequently, the City had denied the building inspection’s final permit to be sign. The fire department states that four things need to be completed. 1) permit filed; 2) plan showing where the smoke detectors and CO2 detectors were placed within the house; 3) a form showing what was installed; and 4) a form showing that the system has been inspected and working. I have made over 15 attempts with ADT to resolve this matter. Nothing has been done, I am told many stories and misinformation. I have had to wait on the phone for long times and even being disconnected several times. City is not allowing us to permit usage of the addition because of this problem. My Wife and I are heart broken over the lack of ADT to fix this problem. It has gone on too long! After this is completed I will be reassessing whether ADT will continue to monitor our home and even thinking of bringing a M.G.L. C93A complaint against ADT for unfair and deceitful practices, which include treble damages plus attorney’s fees. Yes, I am a lawyer too. My cell phone number is 508-826-6266.

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